Catalog Year Policy

Graduation requirements and regulations for every academic program are provided in the UMKC catalog. Degree requirements and course descriptions are subject to change.  In most cases, students will complete requirements outlined in the catalog of the year they enter as a degree-seeking student.  Transfer students from community colleges and other universities are permitted to complete degree requirements in effect at the time of their enrollment as freshmen at a community college or university, so long as their enrollment was continuous from year to year (summer semesters excluded) and programs have not been discontinued.

Changes or additions of plans of study (majors or minors) do not change a student’s catalog year unless:
  • A student is readmitted to the university.  In this case, the student’s catalog year will automatically be updated to term in which they are readmitted.
  • A student is admitted into one of the following selective programs:
  1. Nursing Pre-Licensure program
  2. Professional Teacher Education
  3. Conservatory

In this case, the student’s catalog year will automatically be updated to term in which the student is fully admitted to the selective program.  Students will be notified of the potential for professional program requirement changes at full-admission in this catalog.  For example:

Candidates admitted to the Professional Teacher Education Program must uphold all academic and social regulations and policies established by the School of Education.  Candidates are subject to any Missouri legislative action or State Board of Education policy that may become effective during the lifetime of this catalog.  The responsibility of the School of Education is to recommend qualified candidates for licensure to the state and to ensure candidates meet, or exceed, these requirements.  While the degree programs outlined in the catalog are aligned with state requirements, certification is dependent on both the degree requirements and successful completion of all state assessments required by the Missouri State Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

  • A student requests a change of catalog year after their first term of degree seeking status.  In this case, the student must meet ALL requirements of the requested catalog year. For example, all plans of study (Majors and Minors) and Assessments, and updates to University Policy.
  1. Once a student moves to a future catalog year, they cannot revert to their originally admitted catalog nor subsequently pick and older term.
  2. All multi-major/minors elected must be on the same catalog year.