Real Estate (RL-EST)


RL-EST 321 Real Estate Principles Credits: 3

The student will be introduced to the very basics of real estate from the terminology, real estate's role in the economy, legal foundations, government controls, appraisal processes, valuation processes, brokering and closing transactions, time value of money, basic management issues and lease clauses, and basic standard form purchase contracts.

RL-EST 421 Real Estate Finance Fundamentals Credits: 3

This course will provide a fundamental understanding of basic financial concepts of real estate including compounding and discounting, construction of amortization tables and after-tax yield analysis for a simple real estate investment. It also touches on the basics of title insurance, ownership issues, fixed rate verses variable rate mortgages in residential real estate, understanding housing bubbles, and trends in valuation of residential real estate. In addition, the student will complete mathematical comparisons of leasing versus owning a home.

Prerequisites: ENT 301 or FIN 325.

RL-EST 425 Principles of Real Estate Property Management Credits: 3

Explores the complexities of managing apartments, condominiums, office buildings, industrial property, and shopping centers. This course covers rental markets, development of rental schedules, leasing techniques and negotiations, repairs and maintenance, tenant relations, merchandising, selection and training of personnel, accounting and owner relations.

RL-EST 496 Internship: Real Estate Credits: 1-3

An opportunity for students to integrate their academic studies via employment with a business/organization in the community. Internship coursework is evaluated on a credit/no credit basis.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent.

RL-EST 497 Special Topics: Real Estate Credits: 1-3

Study and research in areas of special interest under individual faculty direction.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent.