CSEE 5110 Network Architecture I Credits: 3

This course provides an introduction to fundamental concepts and principles in the design and implementation of computer communication networks, their protocols, and architectures. Topics to be covered include: layering, and addressing, naming, routing, internetworking, Internet protocols, reliable transfer, congestion control, link control, multiple media access, and network measurement and management.

Prerequisites: COMP-SCI 421A, COMP-SCI 431.

CSEE 5111 Network Architecture II Credits: 3

In this course, advanced principles, protocols, and architectures of computer networks will be studied with specific emphasis on emerging technologies. The focus will be on the latest networking protocol designs with particular attention to the TCP/IP and application layers.

Prerequisites: CSEE 5110.

CSEE 5112 Computer Network Design and Analysis Credits: 3

This course provides an introduction to analytic and simulation modeling of computer networks and network topological design. Topics covered include the analysis of delay and loss systems, topological optimization, network dimensioning, and routing coupled with analysis techniques for network planning and design.

Prerequisites: COMP-SCI 394R, COMP-SCI 421A.

CSEE 5113 Network Routing Credits: 3

Algorithms, protocols and analysis for network routing. Routing in different networks such as circuit-switched networks, Internet, broadband networks, and transmission networks are covered.

Prerequisites: CSEE 5110, CSEE 5112.

CSEE 5130 Queuing Theory and Applications Credits: 3

This course introduces the queuing models and theory to analyze performance of computing and engineering systems in terms of delay, blocking, and buffer utilization. Both continuous and discrete time models are covered, including variations of M/M/1, M/G/1 and GI/M1 systems using quasi birth-and-death models and matrix analytic techniques. it also covers networks that can be analyzed with product form techniques. Probabilistic reasoning and intuitive understanding is stressed.

Prerequisites: COMP-SCI 394R and MATH 300.

CSEE 5590 Special Topics Credits: 1-3

This course is intended to allow faculty and visiting scholars to offer special courses in selected topics.

CSEE 5690 Advanced Special Topics Credits: 1-3

A lecture course presenting advanced research level topics. This course is intended to allow faculty and visiting scholars to offer special courses in selected research areas.

CSEE 5697 Directed Readings Credits: 1-3

Readings in an area selected by the doctoral student in consultation with a doctoral faculty member. Arrangements must be made prior to registration.

CSEE 5699 Research and Dissertation Research in Telecommunications and Computer Networking Credits: 1-12

Doctoral Research in Telecommunications and Computer Networking.

CSEE 5899 Required Graduate Enrollment Credit: 1

Required Graduate Enrollment.