Minimum Requirements for Admission

Current UMKC students apply for admission through the UMKC School of Graduate Studies. Other applicants apply for admission through the UMKC Office of Admissions. Applicants to the Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Career Preparation can be current doctoral or master’s students or graduates who reside in states where UMKC is authorized to deliver online education to residents. All applicants must have the recommendation of their primary graduate advisor or their supervisory committee chairperson. Interdisciplinary Ph.D. students must also be recommended by the discipline coordinator in their primary discipline. Non-Interdisciplinary doctoral students (Ph.D., DMA, DNP, and Ed.D.), Masters, or Ed.Spec. students must also be recommended by the program director in their degree programs.

Although space in the program is limited and current doctoral students will be given first preference, individuals who already possess a doctoral or master's degree, and who are recommended by a faculty member in their discipline area, may also be considered for admission to the program.

The course requirements include six 1-credit hour seminar courses completed in five consecutive semesters. The remaining 6 credit hours in the program are not predetermined, but rather formulated by the student in consultation with the Director of the Graduate Certificate Program and the graduate faculty member who will serve as their faculty mentor. Student learning outcomes for the program are designed to meet the student's individual needs and research interests, and satisfy discipline-specific requirements.

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • develop a syllabus for an introductory course in the student's field that includes student learning outcomes and assessment of learning outcomes.
  • develop a teaching philosophy statement, curriculum vitae, cover letter for a job application, and presentation of a research agenda in an electronic teaching portfolio.
  • demonstrate an understanding of how expectations for teaching ,research and service are incorporated into a faculty member's day-to-day activities.
  • explore the differences among different types of institutions for faculty teaching, research, and service expectations in higher education.
  • collaborate with peers and mentors to demonstrate expanded knowledge of effective pedagogical techniques and theories of cognition and motivation, including online educational settings, to support diverse learners.

Program Requirements

In today’s competitive academic job market, academic institutions increasingly desire faculty members who not only possess the appropriate academic credentials, but can demonstrate that they are prepared to be excellent teachers and well-rounded colleagues. The 12 credit hour graduate certificate in College Teaching and Career Preparation is intended primarily for doctoral students who are preparing for college-level teaching careers, regardless of the discipline(s) in which they plan to teach; however, individuals who possess a master's degree and who are recommended by a faculty member in their discipline area may also be considered for admission. The structure of this graduate certificate program balances the emphases on both career exploration and teaching excellence.

The certificate complements the discipline knowledge of doctoral and masters programs by (1) focusing on strategies for successful teaching, including incorporating technology into the college classroom and in online learning environments, and (2) familiarizing students with the demands of college teaching and the nature of the academic environment in a variety of institutions of higher education. Courses that satisfy program requirements are taken for graduate credit; and, upon completion, the certificate is officially noted on the student’s transcript.

Curriculum Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and Career Preparation requires a minimum of 12 credit hours. A six-course series of Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) seminars is the core of this 12 credit hour graduate certificate curriculum.  The one-credit hour seminar courses are graded on a credit/no credit basis and are offered year-round for five semesters, with a new cohort beginning each Fall semester. Students in the PFF Seminar courses not only refine their teaching skills, but also explore the opportunities at, and differences among, a variety of institutions of higher education --  public, private, 2-year and 4-year.  For the remaining six credits of the certificate program, students may select a 3-hour teaching practicum course in their field approved by the graduate certificate program director, plus one of the following 3 credit hour courses: EDUC-R&P 5639 OR EDUC-C&I 5640 OR EDUC-C&I 5570 OR EDUC-C&I 5572 OR EDUC-UL 5556.

All required core courses are taught completely on-line, with on-campus monthly PFF Seminar sessions that can be attended face-to-face or via distance education technology.

Required Core Courses
SGS 5651A
SGS 5651B
Preparing Future Faculty I
and Preparing Future Faculty II
SGS 5652A
SGS 5652B
Preparing Future Faculty III
and Preparing Future Faculty IV
SGS 5653A
SGS 5653B
Preparing Future Faculty V
and Preparing Future Faculty VI
One additional course3
EDUC-R&P 5639Educational Psychology: Focus on Teaching in Higher Education3
EDUC-C&I 5640Curriculum and Teaching for the College Classroom3
EDUC-C&I 5570Curriculum And Instruction In Technology3
EDUC-C&I 5572Assessing The Role Of Technology In Education3
EDUC-UL 5556The College Student3
Teaching Practicum3
Teaching Practicum course in the student's field approved by the graduate certificate program director3
Total Credit Hours12

Requirements for Retention

Students must maintain a cumulative 3.0 graduate GPA while enrolled and receive no grade below a B- in courses applied to the certificate program.

Time Limit for Completion of Certificate Program

3 years maximum.