Social Sciences (SOC-SCI)


SOC-SCI 5610 Philosophy Of Social Science Credits: 3

This course examines the development of the philosophy of science since the end of the 19th century. In this regard, Positivism, Conventionalism, and Realism as the three major conceptions of science will be studied and their significance as philosophical foundations of the social sciences will be assessed. Particular attention will be given to the emerging philosophy of science (i.e., Scientific Realism) which has profoundly challenged the more established Positivism.

SOC-SCI 5621 Consensus Social Theory Credits: 3

This course explicates the connections between mainstream (or orthodox) approaches in the various social sciences, which can be collectively viewed as Capitalist interdisciplinary social theory, Explication entails positivist philosophy of science, classic liberal political philosophy, neo-classical economics, pluralist political science, human ecology and functionalist sociology.

Prerequisites: SOC-SCI 5610.

SOC-SCI 5622 Pragmatism & Evolutionary Social Theory Credits: 3

Drawing on the classical pragmatism of Peirce and Dewey as the philosophical framework for inquiry, and the institutional economics of Veblen, Commons, Mitchell, and Ayres, this course develops Evolutionary Social Theory as a paradigm for interdisciplinary social science.

SOC-SCI 5630 Seminar in Research Methodology Credits: 3

This course assists students with the establishment of a framework for their dissertation research that represents a substantive integration of their coordination discipline with the SSC program. The ultimate goal of the seminar is a defensible dissertation proposal for each student. Includes opportunity for participation by supervisory committee members.

Prerequisites: SOC-SCI 5610, SOC-SCI 5621, and a course in Critical Theory.

SOC-SCI 5641 History of a Social Science Discipline Econ Credits: 3

The course examines the social and political development of economics that underpins the development of economic theory in the 20th century.

Prerequisites: SOC-SCI 5610.

SOC-SCI 5690 Special Doctoral Reading in Social Science Credits: 1-3

Special Research Topic in Interdisciplinary Social Science at The Doctoral Level

SOC-SCI 5690A Special Topics Credits: 1-3

SOC-SCI 5690B Special Topics Credits: 1-3

SOC-SCI 5690C Special Topics Credits: 1-3

SOC-SCI 5899 Required Graduate Enrollment Credit: 1