Minor: Environmental Communications

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Strong foundation knowledge of Earth systems and communications theory
  • Analyze scientific literature on a broad range of environmental topics
  • Communicate in a clear, accurate, and effective manner how environment is impacted by people and how society in turn is also impacts by the environment across several media platforms.
  • Critically analyze and communicate the intersection of environmental topics and societal impacts.

Minimum of 9 hours taken at UMKC and a minimum of 9 hours at the 300-/400-level.

Environmental Communication Courses 1, 2
COMM-ST 203Introduction to Journalism3
or COMM-ST 220 Introduction: Modern Communications Media
or COMM-ST 308 Introduction To The Study Of Human Communication
ENV-SCI 110RUnderstanding the Earth: Introduction to Environmental Science and Laboratory3
or GEOLOGY 220 General Geology
Earth Systems and Resources Course3
Climate Change Impact Assessment and Policy Response
Weather and Climate 2
Principles of Geomorphology
Principles of Biogeography
Communication Theory Course3
Persuasive Communication
Rhetorical Theory And Criticism
Organizational Communication
Strategic Communication Research
Colloquium In Interpersonal Dynamics
Sustainability Thinking Course3
Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability
Global Water and Sustainability
Environmental Ethics And Policy
Neighborhood And Community Development
Urban Environment Planning And Design
Applied Tools Course3
Introduction to Digital and Mobile Journalism
Interpersonal Communication
Broadcast and Digital Media Presenting
Advanced Public Speaking
Health, Science and Environmental Reporting
Journalism and Visual Storytelling in the Age of Data
Fundamentals of Writing for the Media
Podcast and Audio Production
Cross-Cultural Journalism & Mass Media
Media Ethics
Global Journalism: Cultures, Trends, and Conflicts
Big City Issues: Race, Crime, Poverty and the Role of the Media
Intercultural Communication
Principles Of Advertising
Interactive and Social Media Advertising
Principles Of Public Relations
Total Credits18