Natural Sciences (NAT-SCI)


NAT-SCI 171 Physics For Future Presidents Credits: 3

A course intended for liberal arts students focusing on the physics they need to be informed citizens in a democracy. Energy, global warming, terrorism, and health are examples of the important topics examined from the perspective of how science should inform policy.

NAT-SCI 375P Nature Of Science Credits: 4

Selected topics from the natural sciences. Provides students fundamental principles and concepts of various physical and mathematical sciences. Lectures, demonstrations and discussions provide an integrated approach to the natural sciences.

NAT-SCI 425P Introduction To Quantitative Methods Credits: 3

Topics addressed are the scientific approach to study of behavior (goals of science, research terminology, variables, distributions, measures of central tendency, confidence intervals, use of research methods and ethics in research), experimental design (validity, reliability, design and sampling techniques), and interpretation of research results. Course includes in-class computer data entry and analysis. Recommended preparation: COMP-SCI 101 and MATH 110 or MATH 116.