Graduate Certificate: Performing Arts Management

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • 1. Students will understand how arts-based businesses create and capture value in society
  • 2. Students will be able to lead and manage arts organizations and programs effectively and in innovative ways
  • 3. Students will be able to address the long-term needs and interests of arts organizations, the communities they serve, and their stakeholders
  • 4. Students will understand key management, marketing, financial, and economic principles necessary in an arts organization
Required Coursework:
PUB-ADM 5551Managing Nonprofit Organizations3
or MGT 5512 Leading and Managing People, Teams and Organizations
Choose one of the following:3
Marketing Management
Conflict Management and Negotiation Strategies
Nonprofit Fundraising and Development
Legal Framework & Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations
Internship (taken twice)
Total Credits12