Computer Science

University of Missouri-Kansas City
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Undergraduate Programs:

A BS/MS Option for completing both an undergraduate degree and a masters degree within five years is available for CS. Furthermore, a minor in computer science is available as well.

The two degrees in computer science are the bachelor of arts in computer science (B.A. with a liberal arts perspective), and bachelor of science in computer science (B.S. with a more thorough technical perspective). The bachelor of information technology (B.I.T.) degree caters to the needs of the IT industry and uniquely blends both computer science and business coursework.

Graduate Programs:

Computer Science also participates in the Ph.D. program of the University of Missouri-Kansas City. This program is administered through the School of Graduate Studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City and requires a student to select both a primary discipline and a co-discipline. Many doctoral students choose both primary and co-disciplines in our department or the School of Science and Engineering, but other disciplines can be taken as well. For more information, please refer to the School of Graduate Studies in this catalog.

Financial Assistance for Doctoral Students

Graduate assistantships are available to prospective doctoral students, but are highly competitive. Currently, most full-time Ph.D. students in the department are supported either as a graduate assistant or as graduate research assistant, or as graduate teaching assistant.

Doctoral students already in the program are eligible to apply for several fellowships available from the School of Graduate Studies. Check the School of Graduate Studies Web site at for additional information.