Latin (LATIN)


LATIN 110 Elementary Latin I Credits: 3

Elementary Latin I introduces students with no previous Latin experience to the fundamentals of Latin grammar. The course is continued with LATIN 120.

LATIN 110 - MOTR LANG 105: Foreign Language I

LATIN 120 Elementary Latin II Credits: 3

Elementary Latin II is a continuation of LATIN 110. This course focuses on the fundamentals of Latin grammar and morphology, and students will read longer Latin passages.

Prerequisites: LATIN 110 or MOTR Equivalent.

LATIN 120 - MOTR LANG 106: Foreign Language II

LATIN 211 Second Year Latin Readings I Credits: 3

This course introduces students to extended readings from Roman authors in Latin. Students’ knowledge of basic Latin grammar, vocabulary, and morphology will be reviewed and reinforced.

Prerequisites: LATIN 120 or MOTR Equivalent.

LATIN 221 Second Year Latin Readings II Credits: 3

Prerequisites: LATIN 211 or MOTR Equivalent.

LATIN 280 Special Intermediate Latin Topics I Credits: 2-4

Instruction of Latin on the second-year/intermediate level introducing new methods of foreign language teaching or special texts and topics not normally offered through regular courses. May not be repeated for credit.

Prerequisites: LATIN 120.

LATIN 290 Special Intermediate Latin Topics II Credits: 2-4

Continuation of LATIN 280. May not be repeated for credit.

LATIN 301 Virgil Credits: 3

Selected readings in Classical Latin from the works of Virgil.

Prerequisites: LATIN 211.

LATIN 302 Ovid Credits: 3

Selected readings in Classical Latin from Ovid's Metamorphoses.

Prerequisites: LATIN 211.

LATIN 314 Lyric and Elegiac Poetry Credits: 3

Selected readings in Classical Latin from Catullus, Horace, Martial, Ovid, etc.

Prerequisites: LATIN 211.

LATIN 490 Special Readings In Latin Credits: 1-3

Intensive readings in period or genre or literary figure to be selected by the student in consultation with the instructor. Available only to advanced Latin students.