Equal Opportunity & Title IX

Equal Opportunity & Educational Access

UMKC is committed to providing equal opportunities to all students without unlawful discrimination on the basis of a protected identity, or their race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, protected veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable state or federal law.

Discrimination & Harassment: Compliance with UM System Collected Rules and Regulations (CRRs) 600.010 (link) is monitored by the Office of Equity & Title IX (link), but it is the responsibility of the entire university community to provide equal opportunity through relevant practices, initiatives, and programs. If you or someone you know has experienced discrimination or harassment based on their protected identity, we encourage you to visit Making a Report (link). Also included under CRR 600.010 (link) is sexual harassment and sexual misconduct by a student, employee, volunteer, or visitor that is not prohibited under CRR 600.020 (link) and Title IX, and that occurs within a UMKC educational program or activity, on- or off-campus, as well as when the conduct occurs off-campus and interferes with or limits the ability of any person to participate in or benefit from UMKC’s educational programs or activities or employment.  For those who have experienced discrimination or harassment, the Equity & Title IX website page on Support (link) provides a list of campus and community support services.

Failure to Accommodate Students with Disabilities: UM System Collected Rules and Regulations (CRRs) 600.010 (link) prohibits discrimination against students with disabilities and ensures these students receive educational accommodations as issued by Student Disability Services (link). If you believe an employee of the university has failed to accommodate your disability, visit Making a Report (link).

Sexual Harassment under Title IX: UM System Collected Rules and Regulations (CRRs) 600.020 (link) prohibits all students, employees, volunteers, and visitors from engaging in sexual harassment, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, in a university education program or activity against a person in the United States. If you or someone you know has experienced any of these forms of prohibited conduct, you can access the Equity & Title IX website page on Support (link) for a list of support services on campus and in the community. For information on how to make a report to the university, visit Making a Report (link).

Mandated Reporting: Nearly all UMKC employees, including your course instructors, advisors, and other support staff, are required to report all information related to any known or suspected discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct to the Office of Equity & Title IX and cannot offer confidentiality. However, students may seek confidential support from RISE: Resources, Intervention, Support, & Education (link), Counseling Services (link), and Student Health & Wellness (link). Employees of these offices are exempt from mandated reporting so long as the disclosure of prohibited conduct occurs in a confidential communication while they are acting as support advocates, professional counselors, or medical personnel. An exemption does not extend to these employees when the disclosure is made in non-confidential setting. If you have a question about confidentiality when making a disclosure to RISE, Counseling Services, or Student Health & Wellness, you should first ask whether the exemption applies.