Academic Loads, Full- and Part-Time Status

Full-Time Load

The optimal full-time course load for an undergraduate student is 15 credit hours.  An undergraduate student who takes 15 credit hours each semester will be on track to complete their degree in 4 years. (120 credits / 4 years = 30 credits a year).  The minimum enrollment required for full-time status is 12 credit hours of coursework. For Summer sessions, six or more hours constitute full-time enrollment. The designation of full-time load is for academic purposes only and does not apply to assessment of fees.


Undergraduate registration in more than 17 semester hours must be approved by the academic unit. For Summer sessions, approval is required for programs of 9 or more semester hours.

Restricted Loads

Limitations on the size of academic load for which students register may be imposed by the dean or academic advisor. Students not in good standing generally are required to restrict their academic programs to a minimal full-time load until they have returned to good standing.

Financial Aid - Summer Term - Academic Load Requirements

Undergraduate degree seeking students who are enrolled in the summer term are required to be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours in order to be considered half-time for loan eligibility in the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office and for loan deferment reporting to the National Student Clearinghouse.