Assistance to Students with Financial Need

There are various government loan programs administered by the UMKC Financial Aid and Scholarships Office. They include the Federal Stafford Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan Programs, the Perkins Loan Program and the Access Loan Program. The office also administers a limited amount of scholarship funds in which law students may participate.

The following funds administered by the Law School and the Law Foundation provide assistance to students with financial need.

Michael J. Albano Scholarship Fund

The UMKC Alumni Association has provided an endowment honoring Michael J. Albano for need based scholarship awards to Missouri resident students in the School of Law. The recipient must be in the high need category for financial aid.

The James A. Bayless Emergency Loan Fund

A fund established to provide emergency short-term loans for law students.

The Joseph S. Chartrand Memorial Fund

This is a memorial fund established from contributions in memory of Joseph S. Chartrand, an alumnus who taught part-time at the University of Kansas City (UKC was the predecessor to UMKC). The Chartrand fund provides an annual amount to assist students in purchasing law books. Selection is based on applications by both incoming and current students.

The Tiera Farrow Memorial Scholarship

A memorial fund established by Tiera Farrow, a 1903 graduate of the Law School, provides a partial scholarship to a worthy woman law student in need of financial aid. Selection is based on applications by both incoming and current students.

Max Foust Scholarship

Established by colleagues of Max Foust, this scholarship is awarded to a law student with financial need. Preference is given to a student who has experience or skills which can be indicators of success in the area of trial advocacy. Selection is based on applications by both incoming and current students.

Suzanne Gilmore Memorial Scholarship

Family, friends and classmates established this scholarship in memory of Suzanne Gilmore, an alumna of the class of 1991. The scholarship is awarded to an older-than-average law student who is a single custodial parent pursuing a law degree as a second degree. Selection is based on applications by both incoming and current students.

The Hispanic Bar Association of Greater Kansas City Scholarship Fund

The Hispanic Bar association of Greater Kansas City has established a fund to provide scholarships to UMKC School of Law students of Hispanic descent with financial need.

The Elmer B. Hodges Memorial Scholarship

An endowment fund established in the memory of Elmer B. Hodges provides scholarships for second- and third-year law students in need of financial aid.

Kavanaugh Family Trust

The law firm of Kenner & Kavanaugh has provided funding to award a scholarship to one or more worthy law students with financial need.

C.R. Krimminger Scholarships

Established by a gift from C.R. (Law 1934) and Katheryn L. Krimminger, the C.R. Krimminger Scholarships are awarded each year to academically qualified students who demonstrate financial need.  An application is required.

Lathrop & Gage Diversity Scholarship

The law firm of Lathrop & Gage has created an endowment for the Law School to fund a scholarship for an outstanding student with financial need whose presence in the school furthers the goal of diversity to which the Law School is committed. Selection is based solely on admission files.

Judge Gene R. Martin Scholarship Fund

The Honorable Gene R. Martin has established a fund to award scholarships to deserving law students based upon need.

John Sublett Logan Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the John Sublett Logan Foundation in memory of Mr. Logan. It is designed to assist students in their legal education who, it is believed, will succeed in the legal profession and will give of themselves and their talents to the community in which they live. Selection is based on applications by incoming students. Preference will be given to those applicants who are natives or permanent residents of the St. Joseph, Missouri area.

The Robert B. McCreight Loan Fund

A memorial fund established by bequest from the estate of Gevene S. McCreight in memory of her husband Robert B. McCreight (Class of 1932), who had a long and distinguished career as an officer and director of stockyard companies and as president of the American Stockyards Association.

The Thomas McMorris, Jr. Scholarship Fund

A scholarship fund for the recruitment of under-represented students enrolling full-time at the School has been established to honor the memory and promote the vision of Thomas McMorris, Jr., who was active in the civil rights’ movement and served as president of the local chapter of the NAACP. Mr. McMorris believed that for African-Americans to reach their potential and have a voice, they need to be represented where it matters—in the courtroom, boardroom and at every level of government. Applicants must have an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher and must demonstrate financial need. Selection is based solely on admission files.

Larence Schrader Scholarship

A fund was established by Diane King to endow a scholarship in her father's memory to assist a worthy student who cares about the law and has a need for financial assistance.

Additional Scholarships

For further information about available scholarships, see the School of Law website.