Credit for Prior Learning Policy

UMKC allows a maximum of 45 credit hours* for prior learning toward the completion of an undergraduate bachelor’s degree. Prior learning must be documented, evaluated and appropriate to the level of degree awarded.  

All Credit for Prior Learning records should be received within the student’s first two years of degree-seeking study at UMKC so that:

  • Student will have a clear understanding of outstanding degree requirements;
  • Duplication of credit may be avoided/prevented; and
  • Students do not experience enrollment delays related to satisfaction of prerequisites; and
  • The anticipated term of graduation will not be delayed.

Students may earn prior learning credit at UMKC through the following options:

Advanced Placement (AP) examinations may count for UMKC degree credit if the exams and scores are acceptable. Note: UMKC awards credit for specific scores on certain Advanced Placement exams that are administered by the College Board, not simply for enrollment in advanced placement courses at the high school level. In order to receive AP credit, students must have official AP score reports sent to UMKC directly from the College Board. Credit cannot be determined from high school or previous college transcripts.

International Baccalaureate (IB) examinations are tests taken as the culmination of a special high school study program. Several of the higher-level exams count for credit if the score earned is a five or higher.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams are acceptable for credit in certain areas of study. UMKC accepts only the CLEP Subject Exams. Not all subjects are accepted. Credit is not given for any CLEP General examination.

Credit by Departmental Examination may be earned if a student has previous knowledge or proficiency in an area of study and arranges to take a departmentally administered examination. If a department chooses to offer credit by examination, the department must provide a test that measures the same level of proficiency as is required to earn credit for enrollment in the course. Frequently this is the final exam for the course. The grade earned on the designated exam will be the final grade awarded for the course and posted to the student’s official record and will contribute to their UM System GPA. Before taking a departmental examination, students must register through the Office of the Registrar and obtain a Credit by Departmental Examination form.

The charge for attempting credit by departmental exam is equal to one credit hour. Eligibility for credit by departmental examination requires

  1. Enrollment at UMKC in the semester in which the examination is administered.
  2. No enrollment in the course that is subject of the examination during the last three terms.

Credit by Licenses, Certifications, and Training may be awarded if licenses, certifications, and training have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) or by the National College Credit Recommendation Service (NCCRS). UMKC Academic Units, with approval finalized with a signed and executed MOU or MOA, may also conduct their own Prior Learning Evaluations (PLEs) of trainings and credentials that have not been evaluated by ACE or NCCRS. This also includes credit awarded through the Foreign Language Placement Policy regarding the Seal of Biliteracy.

The organization providing the instruction will be posted on the transcript along with credit awarded and appropriate grade according to the MOU. This credit will not calculate into student’s University of Missouri GPA.

*This does not apply to courses transferred from other academic institutions.