Visiting and Community Student Admission

Students from other institutions who wish to attend UMKC to transfer courses back to their home institutions may be admitted as Visiting Students for a term. Students are encouraged to check with officials at their home institution to guarantee that UMKC courses are transferable and fulfill their program's degree requirements.

Students who are members of the community and who do not wish to earn a degree at UMKC, but are not currently seeking a degree at another institution, may apply as Community Students.

Students may obtain a Visiting/Community Student Application form at or from the Office of Admissions. Not all academic programs are open to visiting/community students. Some academic units require that the non-degree seeking student be certified by the home institution as a student in good standing. Consult the application for specific program and course eligibility.

There is a nonrefundable application fee of $15.

Policy on Admission Credentials

All credentials submitted in support of the application for admission become the property of UMKC.