Minor: Media, Art and Design

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Analyze the interconnections between what we see, how we see, and what we think.
  • Interpret visual culture using an interdisciplinary lens
  • Use visual tools to communicate a concept or message.
  • Apply Design Thinking to Creative Work and Problem Solving.
9 credit hours need to be at the 300-level or above.
ART 114Foundation Digital Design3
In the Design Thinking course, students will create a learning contract that addresses their goals for the degree. With the help of their advisor, they will create a plan that fits their specific career and artistic goals.
ART 266Design Thinking3
ART-HIST 320WIWays of Seeing3
Elective Coursework
Take 4 courses (12 credit hours) selected from the following:12
Introduction to Photography
Photography I
Foundation Drawing
Foundation 2D Design
Intermediate Drawing
Painting I
Print Media I
Digital Video and Motion Design
Figure Drawing I
Interactive Media Design
Graphic Design and Typography I
Graphic Design and Typography II
3D Modeling and Animation
Interdisciplinary Studio Projects
Egghead: Student Advertising Agency
Creative Project Development
Advertising Campaigns
Special Topics in Studio Art
Special Studies in Art: Internship
Introduction to the History of Art: Pyramids to Picasso
From Cave Paintings to Cathedrals
From Michelangelo to Modernism
World Currents of Contemporary Art
Arts Of African and New World Cultures
Asian Art
Made in the USA: Latinx Art and Experience
Whose America: Modern Art and Philosophy in the Americas
Northern European Art: 15th and 16th Centuries
15th Century Italian Art and Architecture
Greek Art and Architecture
History of Photography
Participatory Forms of Spectatorship in Contemporary Art
Sensing, Feeling, Thinking: Contemporary Art and the Mind
Art Museums: History and Practice
Site-Specific Art: Within and Beyond the Museum Walls
Special Topics in Art History
Special Problems in Art Internship
Introduction to Journalism
Introduction To Web Communications
Broadcast and Digital Media Presenting
Persuasive Communication
Journalism and Visual Storytelling in the Age of Data
Organizational Communication
The Art of the Interview
The News Feature Writing
Writing, Broadcasting & Podcasting for Student Media
Podcast and Audio Production
Cross-Cultural Journalism & Mass Media
Strategic Communication Research
Media Ethics
Special Studies
Applications of Interpersonal Communication Theory
Intercultural Communication
Intercultural Communication
Principles Of Advertising
Interactive and Social Media Advertising
Principles Of Public Relations
Multimedia Innovation Practicum
Advanced Multimedia Innovation Practicum
Media Law
Language, Literacy, Power
Rhetorics of New Media
Composing Digital Environments
Publication Practicum
Publication Practicum
Studies in Digital Humanities
Nonfiction Workshop
History of the Designed Environment I
History of the Designed Environment II
History of the Designed Environment III
Ancient World in Cinema
Story Development
Concepts of the Hero in Ancient Literature and World Cinema
Film Adaptation
Introduction to Film Theory
German Film
Art of the Short Film
Introduction to Screenwriting
Intermediate Media Production
History Of The Film Industry
African American Images in Film
Documentary Production
Topics in World Cinema
Topics in Sound & Cinema
Topics in Gender and Cinema
Advanced Screenwriting
Client-Based Media Production
Advanced Media Production
Directing Actors and Scenes
Oral History
Museums, Monuments, and American Life: An Introduction to Public History
Total Credits21