Life Sciences - Physiology (LS-PHYS)


LS-PHYS 217 Human Physiology Credits: 3

Introduction to body functions presented from an organ systems approach. For non-majors only.

Prerequisites: BIOLOGY 102 (or BIOLOGY 108 or BIOLOGY 109).

LS-PHYS 217 - MOTR LIFS 100P: Essentials in Human Biology - Phys

LS-PHYS 3070 Oral Physiology Credits: 3

Concepts of general physiology will be discussed as they relate to the clinical practice of dental hygiene. Emphasis will be placed on the normal and abnormal physiology of oral structures, including such topics as neurophysiology, muscle function, salivation, and endocrinology.

Prerequisites: Dental Hygiene Student.

LS-PHYS 399 Pharmacy Physiology I Credits: 4

LSPHYS 399 is an introduction to integrated physiology of the human body, beginning with an emphasis on understanding the foundations of physiologic principles followed by an in depth study of the physiology of the nervous, endocrine, and muscle systems. Recommended preparation: BIOLOGY 202 and CHEM 320.

Prerequisites:School of Pharmacy Student.

LS-PHYS 400 Pharmacy Physiology II Credits: 4

LS-PHYS 400 is a continuation into the study of integrated human physiology. Topics covered include the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, digestive and reproductive systems. Recommended preparation: LS-PHYS 399.

Prerequisites: School of Pharmacy Student.

LS-PHYS 401 Physiology Lecture Credits: 5

An integrated study of normal functions of various organ systems of the human body with special consideration of the physiology of the oral cavity and its related structures.

Prerequisites: School of Dentistry Student.