Greek (GREEK)


GREEK 110 Elementary Ancient Greek I Credits: 3

The goal of this course is an ability to read classical Greek. The student will be introduced to the fundamentals of grammar and the basic vocabulary of the language and will do exercises in the reading and writing of sentences. Continuous passages of Greek will be presented by the end of the semester.

GREEK 110 - MOTR LANG 105: Foreign Language I

GREEK 120 Elementary Ancient Greek II Credits: 3

A continuation of the study of the grammar and vocabulary of classical Greek, with an increasing emphasis on developing skills in translation. By the middle of the semester students will be introduced to selections from Plato, Herodotus or Homer.

Prerequisites: Greek 110 or MOTR Equivalent.

GREEK 120 - MOTR LANG 106: Foreign Language II

GREEK 211 Intermediate Ancient Greek I Credits: 3

Instruction of Greek on the second-year/intermediate level introducing new methods of foreign language teaching or special texts and topics not normally offered through regular courses. May not be repeated for credit.

Prerequisites: Greek 120 or MOTR Equivalent.