Doctoral Program of Study

Students should plan their programs of study in consultation with their advisors and supervisory committees (if applicable). Upon approval from the advisor and/or supervisory committee and unit graduate officer, programs of study should be approved by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and filed with the Registrar prior to the completion of 50% of applicable degree coursework.  (Interdisciplinary Ph.D. students must file their proposed plans of study and form their supervisory committees within 24months of being admitted).

No more than 40 percent of the program may be 300- and 400-level courses.

Subsequent changes in the program of study must be approved by the student's advisor and/or supervisory committee, the unit graduate officer, and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, and be submitted to the Registrar.  If cumulative changes in courses or degree requirements exceed four, a new program of study should be filed. 

Forms for specifying individual programs of study are available from the principal graduate advisor or graduate officer of each academic unit.