Master of Music Performance-Pedagogy Emphasis

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Refine musicianship and performance skills on primary instrument to inform teaching practices
  • Articulate the ways in which existing content knowledge about performance skills can be conveyed in a variety of instructional settings
  • Structure successful learning experiences that positively change student thinking and behavior
  • Interpret current pedagogical research findings and synthesize research-based best practices to refine their teaching in both private and group music lessons
  • To demonstrate an understanding of (and be able to communicate about) the historical and analytical components of music
  • Understand basic financial principles of operating a successful private music teaching studio
Required Courses
CONSVTY 5500-5600 Music History3
CONSVTY 5500-5600 Music Theory3
CONSVTY 5593Introduction To Research And Bibliography In Music3
Take the following course 2 times: (APPLIED INSTRUMENT 5501)8
CONSVTY 5597Master's Recital4
Pedagogy Core
CONSVTY 5445Teaching and Learning in Music2
CONSVTY 5591EGroup Piano Pedagogy3
CONSVTY 5446Systems and Strategies for Music Teaching3
Area of Concentration (see below)8
Total credits:36
Choose 2 of the following:6
Graduate Piano Pedagogy I
Graduate Piano Pedagogy II
Advanced Piano Pedagogy
Take the following course 2 times:2
Advanced Accompanying for Pianists
Take the following course 4 times:4
CONSVTY xxxx Ensembles
Take the following course 3 times:3
Principles of Chamber Music
Take the following course 1 time:1
Pedagogy of Instrumental Music
CONSVTY 5591HAdvanced Pedagogy I - Voice2
CONSVTY 5592HAdvanced Pedagogy II - Voice2
Choose 2 of the following:
Advanced Vocal Literature: French Melodies
Advanced Vocal Literature: German Lieder
Advanced Vocal Literature: 20Th Century Amer & Engl Art Songs
CONSVTY 5577Advanced Vocal Diction (**May be recommended after taking Foreign Language Diction Diagnostic)2