Master of Arts in Teaching (4+1 Track)

Students are eligible to apply for admission to the 4+1 program after the completion of 60 credit hours

  • Students must apply to the  4+ 1 program no later than the final semester prior to their senior year

4+ 1 Admission Requirements

  • Transcripts which document successful completion of at least 60 credit hours towards an undergraduate from an accredited institution
    • Grades of C or better in any pre-requisite courses taken prior to admission (TCH-ED 312, 403, 404 and/or 404)
  • Missouri State Police and FBI background check clearance
  • Candidate narrative statement describing the intentions and purposes for becoming a middle or high school teacher
  • Completion (with passing scores) of the Missouri Educator Gateway Assessments (MEGA):
    • Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA)
    • MOCA must be attempted at the time of application and passed before the end of the undergraduate program

Requirements for Retention

Students must:

  1. Meet all admission requirements.
  2. Maintain no grades below C (2.0) in any education coursework

Program Requirements

Prerequisite Courses (required for teacher certification and can be taken as undergraduate)
TCH-ED 312Legal and Ethical Aspects of Teaching3
TCH-ED 403Educational Psychology3
TCH-ED 404Education of the Exceptional Child and Youth3
TCH-ED 420Adolescent Development3
4+1 Courses (students will complete the following 7 hours of coursework during their senior year of their undergraduate program; the 7 hours of graduate coursework will be automatically approved to contribute to a student Undergraduate Degree with admission into the 4+1 program)
EDUC-C&I 5512Strategies For Effective Classroom Management3
EDRD 5439Language and Literacy Across the Disciplines3
or EDRD 439 Language & Literacy across the Disciplines
TCH-ED 5422Practicum I - Middle and High School1
Remaining MAT Coursework
Summer Courses
EDUC-C&I 5518Assessment of Diverse Learners, Engagement and Motivation3
EDUC-C&I 5548English As A Second Language In Content Areas3
Fall Semester
TCH-ED 5423Practicum II - Middle and High School1
TCH-ED 5438Culturally Responsive Strategies for Teaching Diverse Learners3
TCH-ED 5463Literacy Intervention across the Disciplines3
EDUC-C&I 5506Curriculum Design3
TCH-ED 432Special Methods of Teaching English in Middle and High Schools3
or TCH-ED 433 Special Methods of Teaching Mathematics in Middle and High Schools
or TCH-ED 435 Special Methods of Teaching Science in Middle and High Schools
or TCH-ED 436 Special Methods of Teaching Social Science in Middle and High Schools
or ART 405 Practices in the Visual Arts Classroom
or FRN-LNG 494 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages
Spring Semester (Culminating Experience)9-12
Student Teaching in Secondary School
Student Teaching In Middle School
and Middle School Philosophy and Organization
Total Credits47-50