Undergraduate Policies and Procedures

Admission Requirements

Admission to undergraduate programs is available in the fall, spring and summer semesters. Students can elect to attend classes full-time or part-time and although the majority of courses are offered during the day, courses are also offered in the evening. First-time college students are eligible to be admitted to the Bloch School if they meet regular UMKC entrance requirements. Those transferring from other institutions must have 2.5 cumulative and University of Missouri (UM) GPAs. Intra-university transfers can enter Bloch School programs with a 2.25 UM GPA.

Retention Standards

Students in the bachelor of business administration (B.B.A.) or the bachelor of science in accounting (B.S.A.) programs are required to maintain a 2.25 cumulative University of Missouri GPA while enrolled in these programs. Students with GPAs that fall below the minimum 2.25 requirement are placed on probation and are allowed two successive semesters (including the summer semester, if enrolled) to restore their GPAs to the required 2.25. While on probation, undergraduates must achieve a 2.25 term GPA in order to enroll for the ensuing term. If a student's term GPA is below a 2.25 or, if after two successive semesters, the cumulative University of Missouri GPA is still below a 2.25, the student will be dismissed from the Bloch School. Good academic standing is achieved only if the GPAs are 2.25. A 2.25 average in all junior/senior in-major courses is required as well.

Graduation Requirements

The B.B.A. and B.S.A. degrees will be awarded on satisfaction of the following:

  1. Completion of the degree requirements and a minimum of 120 credit hours.
  2. Achievement of a 2.25 GPA; satisfactory academic standing is based on:
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.25 for all University of Missouri courses; and
    • GPA of 2.25 for all required junior- and senior-level, in-major courses completed at UM schools.
  3. Completion of 50% of junior/senior in-major courses at UMKC. Accounting students must complete at least 15 hours of upper-level accounting courses at UMKC.
  4. Completion of HEIghten, and other assessment exercises as assigned by the Bloch faculty.
  5. Completion of the Constitution Requirement.
  6. Filing of a required application for graduation at the beginning of the senior year.

Students are responsible for ensuring their course of study falls within program guidelines.

Academic Loads

See the General Undergraduate Academic Regulations and Information section of this catalog.

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment (simultaneous enrollment at UMKC and any other institution of higher education) is prohibited under University and Bloch School policy unless approved in advance of enrollment.  Petitions are considered in limited situations including demonstrated scheduling conflicts, course cancellations, and in instances where needed courses are not offered.  A separate petition is required.  Submitting a petition does not guarantee approval.  Concurrent enrollment in the final semester may result in a delay of graduation.

Credit by Exam

Students who have received credit by exam from a previous institution must submit official scores to the UMKC Records Office. These scores must be acceptable to the department at UMKC housing the subject area. Credit by exam is not permitted after admission into the junior/senior portion of Bloch School programs. Bloch School freshmen and sophomore students should talk with an academic advisor in the Student Services Office about credit by exam restrictions.

Credit/No Credit

All undergraduate courses in the Bloch School must be taken for a letter grade, except for internship courses (496) which are taken credit/no credit.

Course Repeat Policy

When undergraduate students repeat courses, they can request to have only the grade for the final attempt used in calculating their GPA. The course repeat policy will not automatically be applied to a student’s GPA. After completing a repeated course, a student must submit a request for GPA adjustment form to his/her academic advisor.  The full GPA adjustment policy is detailed in the Repeated Courses & GPA Adjustment Policy section of the catalog.


Exceptions to academic regulations must be approved by the Bloch School Student Services Office or the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. To seek exceptions, students must file a formal written petition seeking an exception to academic policy with staff in the Bloch Student Services Office.

Independent Study

Students are limited to a total of six hours of Bloch School internship/independent study coursework, numbering 496 and 497 or MGT 490. Interested students should consult with an adviser in the Bloch School Student Services Office.

Latin Honors

Students must complete a minimum of 60 hours of coursework at UMKC to qualify for Latin Honors.