Discipline Coordinator
Rochelle Ziskin, (816) 235-2991, ziskinr@umkc.edu

Art and Art History faculty who are members of the doctoral faculty.

Art History is a discipline in the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program administered by the School of Graduate Studies.

Note: The discipline-specific requirements listed here are in addition to the requirements listed in Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Application Procedure and Minimum Criteria for Admission and Minimum Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Academic Regulations and Degree Requirements.

Discipline-Specific Admission Requirements

In addition to the general criteria for admission, applicants will be expected to have an undergraduate degree in art history, anthropology or history and an undergraduate minimum GPA of at least 3.0 on a 4.0 scale. An M.A. in art history is desired. Prerequisite coursework: Survey of World Arts. Submit applications by Jan. 31 for fall admission. In addition to the required application form, test scores, recommendations and transcripts, applicants must provide a written research plan and a research writing example.

Suggested Compatible Co-disciplines

Curriculum and instruction, economics, English, and history

Core Requirements

Art History as a Primary Discipline

Required Courses
ART-HIST 5501Scope And Methods Of Art History 13

Research methodology courses.

Remaining credits depend upon what courses the student has taken before coming into the program. Students will generally design a total plan of study (primary discipline and co-discipline coursework) that includes 60 hours beyond the baccalaureate degree or 30 hours beyond the master's degree if in Art History.

Art History as a Co-discipline

Required Courses
ART-HIST 5501Scope And Methods Of Art History3

Remaining credits depend upon what courses the student has taken before coming into the program.

Requirements for Comprehensive Exams

Oral and written comprehensive exams are required, with questions based on courses taken.

Other Discipline-Specific Special Requirements

Two foreign language requirements as determined by the Faculty Advisory Committee for each student. Students will master a reading knowledge of two foreign languages for art history as a primary discipline or as a co-discipline. The foreign language requirement should be satisfied by the time 18 hours of graduate credit have been taken toward the Interdisciplinary Ph.D. The Faculty Advisory Committee must include two art historians. Students must meet with their Faculty Advisory Committee at least once each semester. Students must complete Annual Evaluation forms each spring.