Administrative Offices, University Libraries
Miller Nichols Library, Room 212
800 E. 51st Street
Administration (816) 235-1531 
Service Desk (816) 235-1526
Fax: (816) 333-5584

Dental Library
School of Dentistry
650 E. 25th Street
(816) 235-2030

Health Sciences Library
School of Medicine
2411 Holmes Street
(816) 235-1880

Leon E. Bloch Law Library
School of Law
500 E. 52nd Street
(816) 235-1650

Mailing Address:
University of Missouri-Kansas City
University Libraries
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499

University Libraries Faculty and Staff Directory

Dean of Libraries:
Bonnie Postlethwaite

Director of Strategic Initiatives and Planning:
David Lindahl

Assistant Director for Administrative Services:
Jennifer L. Eigsti

Director of Advancement:
Nicole Leone

Director of Public Services (Miller Nichols Library):
Cindy Thompson

Head of Resource Sharing:
Jennifer Salvo-Eaton

Head of Circulation Services (Miller Nichols Library):
Mary E. Anderson

Head of Music/Media Library:
Nara Newcomer

Head of Learning and Research Support (Miller Nichols Library):
Mardi Mahaffy

Director of Scholarly Communications:
Brenda L. Dingley

Director of Health Sciences Libraries:
Peggy Mullaly-Quijas

Dental Librarian:
Marie Thompson

Assistant Dean of Special Collections and Archives:
Stuart Hinds

Sound Archivist:
Chuck Haddix

Senior Manuscript Specialist (University Archives):
Tonya Crawford

Director of Collections and Access Management:
Buddy Pennington

Head of Collections:
Steve Alleman

Head of Electronic Resources and Acquisitions:
Mariah Harvey

Leon E. Bloch Law Library Staff Directory

Director, Leon E. Bloch Law Library: Paul D. Callister
Associate Director/Director of InformationTechnologies, Leon E. Bloch Law Library: Michael J. Robak


The University Libraries consist of the Miller Nichols Library, the Health Sciences Library and the Dental Library, and we partner with the Leon E. Bloch Law Library. Our mission states that the University Libraries is an essential partner in empowering intellectual discovery, facilitating scholarship and creative activity, and preserving intellectual and cultural records.

The University Libraries provide research facilities, resources and services in support of academic programs. We partner with the campus Office of Services for Students with Disabilities (OSSD) and are committed to providing services and assistance to all members of the UMKC Community. Information about services for individuals with disabilities can be found on the Web site at and by calling 816-235-1508 or the Miller Nichols Library Reference Desk at 816-235-1526. The Library accepts calls through the National Relay Service (711) and the Missouri Relay Service (800-735-2966).

The Miller Nichols Library serves primarily the College of Arts and Sciences, the Conservatory of Music and Dance, and the schools of management, education, biological sciences and computing and engineering. Specialized libraries include; the Leon E. Bloch Law Library in the School of Law, the Dental Library in the School of Dentistry, and the Health Sciences Library located in the School of Medicine, and serving the schools of MedicineNursing & Health Studies and Pharmacy. UMKC faculty, students and staff have access to all collections and services, subject to the policies in effect at each library location.

Other Collections:

Ayyoub Ajmi Contact Information; librarian I; digital communications and learning initiatives librarian, Leon E. Bloch law Library; B.S. (University of Texas in Arlington); M.L.I.S. (University of North Texas - Denton).

Stephen P. Alleman Contact Information; librarian III; head of collections; B.A. (Tulane University); M.L.S. (Louisiana State University); M.A. (University of New Orleans).

Thomas G. Burns Contact Information; librarian II; research and liaison librarian; B.A. (University of Kansas); M.A. (University of Kansas); M.L.S. (Emporia State University).

Paul D. Callister1 Contact Information; director, Leon E. Bloch Law Library, and professor of law; B.A. (Brigham Young University); J.D. (Cornell Law School); M.S.L.I.S. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

Scott Curtis Contact Information; librarian III; research and liaison librarian; B.S. (University of Pittsburgh); M.S. (The George Washington University); M.L.S. (Emporia State University).

Brenda L. Dingley Contact Information; librarian II; director of scholarly communications; B.A. (Indiana University); A.M.L.S. (University of Michigan-Ann Arbor).

Nora Franco  Contact Information; librarian I; clinical medical librarian; B.A. (Sul Ross State University); M.S..I.S. (University of North Texas).

Julie A. Hartwell  Contact Information; librarian II; instructional design librarian; B.A. (University of South Dakota); M.L.I.S. (University of Iowa).

Mariah L. Harvey Contact Information; librarian II; head of electronic resources and acquisitions; B.S. (Rockhurst University); M.L.S. (University of Missouri-Columbia).

Stuart Hinds Contact Information; librarian II; assistant dean of special collections and archives; B.A. (University of Missouri-Kansas City); M.A. (University of Iowa).

Tracey Hughes Contact Information; librarian II; dental library instruction and reference librarian; B.S. (McPherson College); M.I.S.L.T. (University of Missouri-Columbia); M.A.L.S. (University of Missouri-Kansas City).

Chris Le Beau Contact Information; librarian IV; assistant teaching professor and research and liaison librarian; B.A. (Marymount College); M.L.S. (Long Island University); M.B.A. (Creighton University).

David L. Lindahl Contact Information; librarian IV; director of strategic initiatives and planning; B.S. (University at Buffalo); M.S. (Rochester Institute of Technology).

Derek C. Long  Contact Information; librarian II; marr sound archives librarian; A.S. (Full Sail University); M.L.S. (University of North Carolina).

Lawrence D. MacLachlan Contact Information; librarian IV; director of research and instructional services, Leon E. Bloch Law Library; B.A., J.D. (Wayne State University); M.L.S. (Catholic University of America).

Mardi Mahaffy Contact Information; librarian III; head of learning and research; B.M. (University of Northern Iowa); M.L.S. (Indiana University).

Kelley K. Martin  Contact Information; librarian II; outcomes and assessment librarian; B.A. (University of Missouri-Kansas City); M.Ed. (University of Missouri-Columbia); M.L.I.S. (University of Missouri-Columbia).

Peggy Mullaly-Quijas1 Contact Information; librarian III; director of health sciences libraries and adjunct faculty of school of medicine; B.S. (Fordham University); M.L.I.S. (State University of New York at Albany), Ph.D. (Walden University).

Nara L. Newcomer1 Contact Information; librarian III; head of music/media Library and adjunct associate professor, conservatory of music and dance; B.A. (Bethany College); M.L.S., M.A. (State University of New York at Buffalo).

Buddy D. Pennington Contact Information; librarian III; director of collections and access management; B.S., B.S., M.L.S. (University of Missouri-Columbia).

Joshua Pluta  Contact Information; librarian II; law reference and instructional librarian, Leon E. Bloch Law Library; M.A. (University of Missouri-Columbia); J.D. (University of Nebraska College of Law).

Bonnie Postlethwaite Contact Information; librarian IV; dean of libraries; B.S.E. (University of Kansas); B.A. (University of Kansas); M.A. (University of Kansas); M.S.L.S. (University of Illinois).

Michael J. Robak Contact Information; librarian III; associate library director and director of information technologies, Leon E. Bloch Law Library; A.B. (Wasbash College); J.D. (Indiana University-Indianapolis); M.S.L.I.S. (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign).

Sandy Rodriguez Contact Information; librarian II; digital special collections coordinator; B.M.M.E., M.S.L.S. (University of Kentucky). 

Jennifer R. Salvo-Eaton Contact Information; librarian I; head of resource sharing; B.A. (University of Iowa); M.L.S.I.S. (Long Island University).

Kathleen A. Schweitzberger Contact Information; librarian IV; head of cataloging and Preservation; B.S. (University of Kansas); M.L.S. (Emporia State University); M.P.A. (University of Missouri-Kansas City).

Wendy A. Sistrunk Contact Information; librarian III; head of special formats metadata and cataloging; B.M. (Kansas State University); M.M. (Arizona State University); M.S. (Simmons College).

Nancy D. Stancel Contact Information; librarian IV; director of technical services, Leon E. Bloch Law Library; B.S. (Florida Atlantic University); M.A.L.S. (University of Missouri-Columbia); Ph.D. (University of Missouri-Kansas City).

Kristy E. Steigerwalt Contact Information; librarian II; clinical medical librarian; Pharm.D. (University of Missouri-Kansas City; M.L.S. (University of Missouri-Columbia).

Susan Sykes Berry1 Contact Information; librarian III; health sciences library instruction reference librarian and adjunct faculty of school of nursing; B.S. (University of Florida); M.A. (University of Iowa); M.A. (University of Missouri-Kansas City).

Cynthia Marie Thompson Contact Information; librarian II; director of public services; B.A. (William Jewell College); M.A. (University of Missouri-Columbia).

Marie Thompson Contact Information;librarian II; dental librarian; B.A. (University of Missouri Kansas City); M.A. (University of Missouri-Columbia).

Gloria L. Tibbs Contact Information; librarian III; organizational development coordinator; B.A., M.L.S. (Emporia State University).

Danielle Wellemeyer  Contact Information; Librarian I; information literacy librarian; B.A. (Wichita State University), M.A. (University of Missouri-Columbia); M.A. (Kansas State University).

Jessica Marie Williams Contact Information; Librarian I; information literacy librarian; B.A. (College of the Ozarks), M.A. (University of Missouri-Columbia).

Fu Zhuo Contact Information; librarian III; research and liaison librarian; B.A., M.A. (Wuhan University); M.ED. (University of Western Ontario); M.L.I.S. (University of Alberta).