Graduate Certificate in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Applications to this program are pending Missouri Department of Higher Education (MDHE) approval, anticipated June 1.

Program Description:

This certificate is aimed at individuals with a BS in Chemistry, Biology, or a similar degree who are either working in or plan to work in pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies. It is expected that this program will help advance their professional careers. This certificate will give students graduate level instruction in basic concepts in ADME/Tox, mechanisms of action of drugs, pharmaceutical techniques, drug formulations and aseptic techniques, as well as basic regulatory information about the development of therapeutics in the US.

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Admission requirements:

Bachelors degree in: biology, chemistry, or a health-sciences related field


Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Analyze complex data from modern lab tools
  • Identify mechanisms of action of commonly used drugs
  • Identify essential concepts and drawbacks of drug formulations
  • Create drug formulations using appropriate asceptic techniques
  • Appraise pertinent regulations surrounding drug discovery

Required courses (1 Year Certificate):

PHARM 5508Medicinal Chemistry of Drug Classes3
PHARM 5519Pharmacology I2
PHARM 5527Analytical Methods3
PHARM 5631Pharmaceutical Formulations I3
PHARM 7309Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Innovations: Nuts & Bolts1
PHARM 7331Sterile Compounded Preparations1
PHARM 7331LApplied Skills Lab: Sterile Compounded Preparations0.5
PHARM 5580ASeminar in Pharmaceutical Sciences1