Art (ART)


ART 105 Introduction to Photography Credits: 3

An introduction to the general practice of photography. The course centers on the basic technical and aesthetic aspects of the medium. A fully adjustable digital camera is required.

ART 112 Foundation Drawing Credits: 3

This course focuses on developing skills and techniques of observational drawing. No previous drawing experience required.

ART 112 - MOTR PERF 105D: Studio Art-Drawing

ART 114 Foundation Digital Design Credits: 3

This is an introductory course on techniques, practical applications, and aesthetic considerations for digital arts, graphic design, and computer multimedia. Students will create visual projects and learn to participate in a creative class community.

ART 114 - MOTR PERF 105GA: Studio Art-Graphic Arts

ART 121 Foundation 2D Design Credits: 3

The principles of visual thinking with emphasis on color theory and perception of form and space.

ART 206 Photography I Credits: 3

An introduction to photography as a means of creative self-expression. The course centers on the technical and aesthetic aspects of the medium. A fully adjustable digital camera is required.

Prerequisites: ART 105 or ART 114.

ART 212 Intermediate Drawing Credits: 3

Continuation of foundation drawing. Emphasis is on gaining technical facility with various drawing mediums and expanding conceptual approaches.

Prerequisites: ART 112.

ART 214 Ceramics I Credits: 3

Introduction to hand-built and wheel forming methods, concept development, ceramic materials, and firing procedures.

Prerequisites: ART 112 or ART 114 or ART 121.

ART 214 - MOTR PERF 105C: Ceramics

ART 221 Painting I Credits: 3

Exploration of the visual language in paint with continued emphasis on color and design.

Prerequisites: ART 112, ART 114, and ART 121.

ART 224 Print Media I Credits: 3

Through hands-on lessons, students will learn a variety of printmaking methods like intaglio, lithography, relief, etc. and approaches to making visual work. Recommended preparation: ART 212.

Prerequisites: ART 112, ART 114, and ART 121.

ART 230 Fibers I Credits: 3

From altering the surface of fabric to three-dimensional construction, students are taught the basics of fiber arts. This is a hands-on introduction to surface design and soft sculptural hand processes. The course will cover dyeing, shibori, screen-printing, knitting, crochet, and basic sewing. Projects are individualized by expertise, availability of supplies, and students' own objectives.

ART 230 - MOTR PERF 105M: Studio Art-Multimedia Crafts

ART 266 Design Thinking Credits: 3

In this course, students will examine and apply design thinking concepts from a variety of disciplines and embrace the value of risk and failure. Students will create goals for their course of study and develop a plan of study and career map.

Prerequisites: Must be a student majoring in Media, Art, and Design.

ART 309 Print Media II Credits: 3

A continuation of ART 224, this course deepens students' understanding of the historical conventions of and contemporary approaches to print media. Explores concepts and techniques through material involvement.

Prerequisites: ART 224.

ART 310 Digital Video and Motion Design Credits: 3

This course provides an overview of techniques and concepts in contemporary video and animation practices for art and graphic design. Intended for studio art majors and minors, the course features lectures, demonstrations, discussions and projects.

Prerequisite: ART 114.

ART 311 Painting II Credits: 3

Painting in oil or acrylic on the intermediate level with continued emphasis on color.

Prerequisites: ART 221.

ART 312 Figure Drawing I Credits: 3

A study of the structure of the human figure with emphasis on the dynamics of figure movement.

Prerequisites: ART 212.

ART 320WI Ways of Seeing Credits: 3

This course introduces students to the history and theory of visual culture. It offers interdisciplinary tools for interpreting images in relation to transformations in visual technologies and cultural perceptions. Connecting theoretical readings to art, film, and media culture, it encourages critical reflection on how modes of seeing come to shape socio-cultural views and vice versa.

Prerequisites: ENGLISH 225.

ART 327 Interactive Media Design Credits: 3

This course will cover the theoretical, social/cultural and historical contexts of interactive media. Students will learn the current importance of user experience design and the application of current tools in creating art and design projects for audience interaction.

Prerequisites: ART 114 and one of the following: ART 206 or ART 310 or ART 340 or ART 337 or ART 338.

ART 330 Fibers II Credits: 3

Intermediate study of surface design and soft sculptural hand processes. Projects are individualized by expertise, availability of supplies, and students' own objectives.

Prerequisites: ART 230.

ART 337 Graphic Design and Typography I Credits: 3

This course is an introduction to the theory and practice of graphic design and typography. It covers page layout, type, concept development, basic design history and theory, and the use of industry-standard design software. Students will create their own designs based on lectures and demonstrations.

Prerequisites: ART 114 and ART 121.

ART 338 Graphic Design and Typography II Credits: 3

Intermediate study of graphic design theory, methodology and techniques, stressing a visual approach to problem solving in design, image making techniques, materials, and production processes standard to the industry.

Prerequisites: ART 337.

ART 340 3D Modeling and Animation Credits: 3

This course addresses the usage of virtual three-dimensional modeling and animation in the contemporary art and design fields.

ART 375 Interdisciplinary Studio Projects Credits: 3

This course explores and combines a variety of media to investigate and examine relevant topics across visual arts. Students develop their creative expression and professional practices through individual and collaborative projects in the classroom and community engagement.

Prerequisites: At least one of the following: ART 206, ART 212, ART 224, ART 221, ART 230, ART 310, ART 337, ART 312, ART 340.

ART 405 Practices in the Visual Arts Classroom Credits: 3

Candidates preparing to student teach will master the use of current research in art education, and apply theoretical and practical educational knowledge.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent.

ART 411 Painting III Credits: 3

Painting on the intermediate level with a focus on experimentation and developing a personal visual language and expression.

Prerequisites: ART 311.

ART 412 Figure Drawing II Credits: 3

A continuation of ART 312. Drawing on the advanced level with study of the figure in environmental context.

Prerequisites: ART 312.

ART 421 Painting IV Credits: 3

Painting on the advanced level with supervised individual selection of technique and subject matter.

Prerequisites: ART 411.

ART 439 Student Design Lab Credits: 3

This course operates as a faculty-supervised graphic design lab that focuses on professional design practices and working with real world clients.

Prerequisites: ART 337.

ART 488 Creative Project Development Credits: 3

In this class students evaluate their creative goals and styles, as well as artistic abilities, in relation to their professional aspirations. Specific artistic and appropriate technological skills are developed through projects.

Prerequisites: ART 114 and ART 121.

ART 493 Directed Projects in Studio Art Credits: 1-6

With permission of instructor, advanced students pursue independent research and production of a significant semester-long project. Acceptable for graduate credit with approval.

ART 495 Special Topics in Studio Art Credits: 1-6

In-depth exploration of a special topic in Studio Art. Course may be repeated if topic is unique for each repeated effort. Acceptable for graduate credit with approval.

ART 498Q Special Studies in Art: Internship Credits: 1-6

Advanced students gain invaluable practical experience in a professional setting in the field of art.

ART 499WI Professional Practices Credits: 3

Capstone course for studio majors in all media. Course addresses contemporary theoretical and practical issues in studio art practice, and prepares students for graduation. Multiple papers, class presentations, and a portfolio preparation are required.

Prerequisites: ENGLISH 225.