Management Information Systems (MIS)


MIS 202 Computer Applications In Management Credits: 3

A comprehensive coverage of computer tools for personal productivity in a management context, including spreadsheets and databases.

Prerequisites: MATH 110 or MATH 120 or higher; or ALEKS score of 61 or higher; or ACT MATH sub-score of 28 or higher; or SAT MATH sub-score of 660 or higher.

MIS 402 Information Management Credits: 3

This course introduces students to the impact of information technologies and systems on the enterprise. Business Intelligence and decision support capabilities are explored as well.

Prerequisites: MIS 202 and junior standing Bloch student.

MIS 415 Managing the Information Systems Resource Credits: 3

All organizations today have information systems, and managing the related resources (systems personnel, software applications, databases, networks, computing hardware) is a necessary skill for many employees. This course is aimed at developing the non-technical skills that business-school graduates need to make appropriate decisions about the deployment of information systems throughout the firm.

Prerequisites: MIS 202 and junior standing Bloch student.

MIS 487 Special Topics Credits: 3

Special topics in management information systems.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent.

MIS 496 Internship: Management Information Systems Credits: 1-3

An opportunity for students to integrate their academic studies via employment with a business/organization in the community. Internship coursework is evaluated on a credit/no credit basis.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent.

MIS 497 Special Topics: Management Information Systems Credits: 1-3

Study and research in areas of special interest under individual faculty direction.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent.