Research Methodology - Dentistry (RES-ME)


RES-ME 5700 Introduction to Research Methodology Credits: 2-3

This lecture/discussion course will facilitate student's understanding of terminology and key concepts of research methodology and design. Assigned exercises are designed to demonstrate application of research design principles, and to increase advanced education residents' and graduate students' competency in evaluating and planning scientific studies. This knowledge is indispensable for conducting meaningful research in advanced education certificate, masters or doctoral level programs.

RES-ME 5703 Thesis Writing Credit: 1

The methods of preparing, organizing, and presenting research findings using scientific writing format will be reviewed for completing a thesis. This course is required for the Master of Science degrees in Oral & Craniofacial Sciences.

RES-ME 5704 Introduction to Biostatistics Credits: 2-3

A lecture/seminar course required for students/residents pursuing an advanced education residency certificate or a master's degree. This course focuses on an in-depth coverage of statistical designs commonly found in dental research, statistical techniques associated with these designs, application to them via the use of a computer based statistical software analysis package, and the interpretation of statistical tests.

Prerequisites: RES-ME 5700.