Reserved Admission Program

The Reserved Admission Program for the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the UMKC School of Dentistry enables highly motivated, ambitious, talented students to pursue their dream of becoming a dentist. Entry into the program is available to students from Missouri and Kansas who are in the early years of their undergraduate education.

This program is composed of three stages with the first two stages requiring formal application and review. The first stage is application and acceptance as a Provisional Reserved Admission Program Student. This step may be accomplished immediately following the completion of a minimum of but not more than four semesters of college credit with a cumulative 3.6 science and math GPA while being continuously enrolled in full-time course loads. In the second stage, provisional reserved admission program students meet additional objective and subjective criteria to move to full acceptance at the end of their undergraduate junior year. Students with full admission into the Reserved Admission Program are assured a seat in the D.D.S. class matriculating in August following the completion of their undergraduate studies, provided they meet the criteria for maintaining their status. The third stage is matriculation at the School of Dentistry.

For more information about this program or to request an application, contact the School of Dentistry's Office of Student Programs. (816) 235-2080 or