Minor: REGS

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Describe the role of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, and sexuality in social meanings and practices.
  • Compare racial, ethnic, sexual, and gendered meanings and practices across different cultural, historical, and structural contexts.
  • Apply theories of race, ethnicity, gender, sex, and sexuality.
  • Employ intersectional methodology.
  • Create plans for [change/social justice/equity] beyond the classroom.
Foundation Courses6
Introduction to Race, Ethnic, and Gender Studies
Theoretical Foundations of Race, Ethnic, and Gender Studies
Four courses (12 credit hours) selected from the list below. Other courses may be approved by REGS faculty. 112
Introduction to Black Studies
Introduction to Latinx and Latin American Studies
Introduction To Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Racial and Ethnic Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations
Introduction to Feminist Theory
Introduction to Queer Theory
Race and Ethnic Relations
Racial and Ethnic Physical and Mental Health Disparities
Latinx Immigrants, Migrants, and Refugees in the U.S
Special Topics in Race, Ethnic, and Gender Studies
Gender, Health, and Development in Senegal
Advanced Special Topics in Race, Ethnic, and Gender Studies-Humanities
Directed Study/Research
Race, Ethnic, and Gender Studies Internship
Arts Of African and New World Cultures
Made in the USA: Latinx Art and Experience
Whose America: Modern Art and Philosophy in the Americas
Covering Urban Latinx Communities
Race, Class and Justice
Blackness as Threat
Immigration and Crime
Advocacy and Crisis Intervention
Women, Crime And Criminal Justice
Hate & Bias Crimes
Women Writing/Women Reading
African American Literature I
Race and Literature
African American Literature II
Women And Rhetoric
Histories Of Writing, Reading, And Publishing
Girls, Literacies, and Print Culture
Studies in Rhetoric and Composition
Topics in Gender and Cinema
Women in Early America
Women, Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
Colonial Latin America (From the Encounter to the Early 19th Century)
Modern Latin America
Women and Gender in the Middle Ages
Human Sexuality
Feminist Philosophy
Philosophy of Love
Women and Politics
Psychology of Gender
Ethnic and Minority Perspectives in Psychology
Culture, Emotion, and Identity
Families And The Life Course
Sociology Of Gender
Technology and Society
Sociology Of Human Sexuality
Feminist Theories
Latin American Civilization
The Search for Mexican Identity
Modern Classics Of Latin American Literature
Total Credits18