Urban Planning and Design (UPD)


UPD 203 GIS For Urban Planning Credits: 3

This introductory level GIS course is designed to expose planning students to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Students will learn basic concepts and theories of GIS and applications of GIS software with hands-on experience. Students will also learn how to search for demographic, socio-economic, land use, transportation, and geospatial data, and how to use such data for their academic research and professional planning work with GIS. Students will apply GIS to the multiple scales of planning work.

UPD 210 Visual Communication for Urban Design Credits: 4

This course introduces visual communication techniques used in professional city planning and urban design.

UPD 260 History Of Planning And Urban Design Credits: 3

An overview of planning history with an emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries. The historic framework will include urban history, the rise and development of urban planning, urban design, and social theory and how these areas have affected the shape of our cities.

UPD 280 Land Use Planning Credits: 3

This course explores the basic principles of plan making, land use development and regulation. Students are introduced to contemporary planning and policy issues. Including land use conflicts and alternative models for sustainable planning, design and management. Students will learn how to develop a land use plan using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other design tools. An introductory GIS course (UPD 203) is highly recommended.

UPD 300 Quantitative Planning Methods And Techniques Credits: 3

Statistical analysis and other analytic techniques of data gathering. Data and problems framed from complex, real world situations. Competence in firsthand research; survey design; case study method; data gathering methods such as observation, open-ended interviewing and questionnaires.

Prerequisites: MATH 110 or higher; or ALEKS score of 61 or higher; or ACT MATH sub-score of 28 or higher, or SAT MATH sub-score of 660 or higher.

UPD 310 Planning And Design Studio I Credits: 4

This Urban Planning + Design studio course will introduce methods for analyzing urban spaces at the site and neighborhood level. Students will actively solve problems related to the physical planning of cities and communities while continuing to develop abilities in methods of written, oral and graphic presentation.

Prerequisites: ENV-DSN 202 or equivalent.

UPD 312 Planning And Design Studio II Credits: 4

Studio instruction in urban planning and design focusing on the synthesis of land use analyses, regulatory reviews, urban design issues, and public participation facilitation. Continued instruction in techniques for visually presenting planning and design ideas.

Prerequisites: UPD 310.

UPD 320 Planning Theory And Practice Credits: 3

This course examines contemporary urban planning and design practice. Theories about planning practice and related case studies will be the basis of this course. Topics covered will include the definition of urban planning, the idea of the "public realm," planning/design expertise and the rational model, the role of diversity, public participation, communicative planning, advocacy and equity planning, ethics comprehensiveness and the limits of planning. The course will include assignments that will build student's ability to write quick and analytical assessments, often required in planning practice. Students will be required to attend public planning forums in and around the region.

UPD 332CZ Environmental Sustainability Credits: 3

This course will introduce the concept of sustainability and review how sustainability might work at the individual, neighborhood, state, nation and global scales. Students will participate in some form of community engagement on sustainability as well as reflect upon how their own practices impact the environment. Counts toward A&S Interdisciplinary "Cluster course." Key course in sustainability minor.

UPD 340 Neighborhood And Community Development Credits: 3

Course provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of community development and neighborhood planning. The development of theoretical models that explain neighborhood change and history in the U.S. will serve as the basis. Issues explored include: community organizing, social movements, federal and state policies, and the role of planning organizations and community development corporations in neighborhood revitalization.

UPD 400 Advanced GIS For Urban Planning Credits: 3

This advanced level GIS course is designed to expose students to high level GIS techniques and geospatial analyses in urban planning. Students will learn advanced theories and geographic information tools with hands-on experiences. Students will have an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in GIS to a real world planning project in class.

Prerequisites: UPD 203 or UPD 403 or equivalent.

UPD 403 GIS for Urban Planning Credits: 3

The introductory level GIS course is designed to expose graduate students to Geographical Information Systems (GIS). Students will learn basic concepts and theories of GIS and application of GIS software with hands-on experience. Students will also learn how to search for demographic, socio-economic, land use, transportation, and geospatial data.

UPD 410 Planning and Design Studio III Credits: 4

Instruction in problem analysis and plan development for defined urban or suburban location with multiple constituencies.

Prerequisites: UPD 312.

UPD 411 Professional Practice I Credit: 1

A seminar preparing students for professional practice in urban planning + design including the preparation of a professional resume and portfolio.

UPD 412WI Planning and Design Studio IV Credits: 4

Capstone course for Urban Planning and Design students to engage in a real-world planning project. Students demonstrate planning knowledge and research capacity, and experience professional practice environments with a client.

Prerequisites: UPD 410.

UPD 413 Professional Practice II Credit: 1

A continuation of professional practice seminar addressing issues of professional writing in Urban Planning and Design practice.

UPD 420 Transportation Planning Credits: 3

The course provides fundamental theories, methods, and contemporary issues in transportation planning. The topics covered in this course include the transportation planning process, transportation systems, travel demand analysis, and policy issues such as the linkage between land use and transportation, urban transportation finance, social and environmental justice, transportation and environmental impacts, and traffic congestion.

UPD 430 Planning For Historic Preservation Credits: 3

The course provides a survey of major issues in the field of historic preservation and heritage studies from a planning perspective. Will focus primarily on the built environment of the United States, as well as world heritage sites and international perspectives. The course will include the urban planning techniques used for preserving historic buildings, neighborhood and districts, as well as some of the landmark legal decisions and legislation that have shaped heritage preservation practice in the U.S. Recommended Preparation: UPD 260.

UPD 432 Urban Environment Planning And Design Credits: 3

The built environment does not exist in a vacuum. Cities operate within broad ecological processes. Effective environmental planning can protect important natural resources while providing for a higher quality of life for urban residents. As a survey course in a subfield of urban planning, this course introduces students to environment planning approaches and techniques.

UPD 450 Planning Law And Practice Credits: 3

Introduction to legal procedures basic to urban planning; including legal, constitutional, legislative, and administrative concepts, controls, and land-use regulations.

UPD 472 Urban Redevelopment Credits: 3

Contemporary issues of urban redevelopment, with an emphasis on American cities, will be examined. Redevelopment processes recently completed or underway in the greater Kansas City region will be the subject of a case study and a theoretical review by each student.

UPD 475 American Housing Credits: 3

Students will explore housing in cultural, design, and historical terms and examine contemporary American housing policy.

UPD 490 Urban Planning Internship Credits: 3

Urban planning work experience off-campus with an approved professional, Government, or non-profit agency sponsor. A contract specifying the expected product of the internship is required between the student, agency, and faculty coordinator.

Prerequisites: UPD 203.

UPD 496 Directed Studies In Urban Planning Credits: 1-3

Intensive reading and/or research in an area selected by the student in consultation with the instructor.

UPD 499 Special Topics In Urban Planning Credits: 1-3

Advanced independent research and analysis in urban planning. Topics and methods used in research, to be established by student and academic supervisor prior to enrollment.