Philosophy (PHILOS)


PHILOS 5521 Managerial And Administrative Decision Making And Ethical Values Credits: 3

Methods of problem definition and decision making in ethics are presented with the goal of providing the student with a matrix for case review. A series of cases is offered that serve to integrate approaches to ethical reflection with management and administrative decision making. Cases are chosen on the basis of topical, curricular and conceptual relevance.

PHILOS 5540 Seminar On Philosophy And Law Credits: 2

An examination from a philosophical perspective of the historical and conceptual relationships present in the evolution, development and analysis of law. Among the systems of analysis examined will be natural law theory, legal positivism and legal realism. Ordinarily the seminar will focus on a specific area of controversy in the law.

PHILOS 5546 Ethics And Government Credits: 3

An examination of ethical issues related to government, with the primary focus on national and local governmental bodies in the United States. Ethics in the executive, legislative and judicial branches are examined. Ethical standards for elected officials and appointed public servants are reviewed. Attempts to "legislate morality" are considered. The course includes a historical review of ethics and government and an analysis of the legal implications of legislation regarding ethics in the executive branch.

PHILOS 5620 Descartes To Hume Credits: 3

PHILOS 5625 Aesthetics Credits: 3

PHILOS 5638 Philosophy Of Biology Credits: 3

PHILOS 5640 Philosophy Of Law Credits: 3

PHILOS 5690 Research In Selected Fields: Graduate Studies Credits: 3

Intensive research in an area selected by the student in consultation with the instructor. By permission only. May be repeated for credit when the topic varies.