Clarinet (CLARINET)


CLARINET 100A Preparatory Applied Study Credits: 2

One-hour weekly lesson. Limited to two semesters study. Jury examination is required. There shall be a jury which shall be for comments only unless the student is applying for entrance to the 101 level, at which time a graded jury is required. May not be taken for credit toward the major.

CLARINET 100B Applied Study of a Second Instrument Credits: 2

Applied study of a second instrument. One half-hour lesson weekly. Applied study for those students who wish to pursue applied study in an area other than, and in addition to, their primary performance study. No jury examination is required.

CLARINET 100C Applied Study for the Non-Music Major Credits: 2

Applied study for the non-music major. One half-hour lesson weekly. No jury required.

Prerequisites: Must be a student in the UMKC Conservatory.

CLARINET 101 Freshman Clarinet I Credits: 2-4

CLARINET 102 Freshman Clarinet II Credits: 2-4

CLARINET 201 Sophomore Clarinet I Credits: 2-4

CLARINET 202 Sophomore Clarinet II Credits: 2-4

CLARINET 300 Studio Class Credits: 0

Experiential lab where students gain orientation and experience with pedagogy, literature, and performance.

Co-requisites: Enrollment in lessons.

CLARINET 301 Junior Clarinet I Credits: 2-4

CLARINET 302 Junior Clarinet II Credits: 2-4

CLARINET 368 Instrumental Excerpts Credit: 1

Intended to introduce students to the standard instrumental repertoire for orchestra, wind ensemble, or chamber ensemble; class meets once weekly for an hour. Students will be expected to prepare and play selected ensemble excerpts.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

CLARINET 401 Senior Clarinet I Credits: 2-4

CLARINET 402 Senior Clarinet II Credits: 2-4