German (GERMAN)


GERMAN 110 Elementary German I Credits: 3

The goals of this course are an ability to speak and to understand simple (spoken) German as well as to read and write simple prose.

GERMAN 110 - MOTR LANG 105: Foreign Language I

GERMAN 120 Elementary German II Credits: 3

Continuation of GERMAN 110.

GERMAN 120 - MOTR LANG 106: Foreign Language II

GERMAN 211 Second-Year German I Credits: 3

Further development of comprehension and communicative skills in the language. Readings of moderate difficulty and grammar review. Practice in writing. The goal is attainment of intermediate proficiency in the language.

GERMAN 221 Second-Year German II Credits: 3

Continuation of GERMAN 211.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 211.

GERMAN 280 Special Intermediate German Topics I Credits: 1-4

Instruction of German on the second-year/intermediate level introducing new methods of foreign language teaching or special texts and topics not normally offered through regular courses.

GERMAN 290 Special Intermediate German Topics II Credits: 1-4

Continuation of GERMAN 280.

GERMAN 301 Introduction to Literary Studies Credits: 3

An introduction to the study of the different genres of German literature and techniques of criticism. Readings include representative works of major authors from various periods. Strongly recommended for all majors. To be taken before or concurrently with other literature courses. Taught in German.

GERMAN 315 Intermediate Conversation and Composition I Credits: 3

Practice in speaking and writing German; emphasis on idiomatic usage. Required for major.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.

GERMAN 325 Intermediate Conversation and Composition II Credits: 3

Continuation of GERMAN 315. Required for major.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.

GERMAN 330 Graphic Narratives Credits: 3

In this class, we will read graphic narratives with a dual focus: we will investigate the literary character of these narratives and explore the ways in which text and illustration help us learn German.

GERMAN 344 Scandinavian Film Credits: 3

The course covers film in Scandinavia, from silent to contemporary movies. The relation of Scandinavian film to literature, art, social and political movements, as well as the economy will be discussed.

GERMAN 380 Special Topics Credits: 1-3

Treatment of a particular genre or area of literature or language normally not offered through regular courses. May be repeated for credit when the topic changes.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.

GERMAN 415 Advanced Conversation and Composition I Credits: 3

Practice in speaking and writing German, with attention to the elements of style. First semester required of all majors and second semester recommended. Both semesters required of prospective high school teachers. Either or both semesters may be repeated. No more than six hours of credit may be applied toward a degree.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.

GERMAN 420 German Enlightenment Drama Credits: 3

This course covers plays, dramatic theories and theater history in the German-speaking countries 1730-1780. Emphasis will be placed on the theater as a bourgeois instrument of public discourse.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.

GERMAN 453 Women's Voices in Germany and Austria Credits: 3

The course focuses on the role of women in German and Austrian society from the Roman era to the present, primarily through the examination of literary texts by women.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.

GERMAN 480 Special Topics Credits: 1-3

Each time this course is offered a particular author, genre or area of literature will be treated. Topics will be announced in advance. May be repeated for credit when the topic changes.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.

GERMAN 490 Special Readings Credits: 1-3

Intensive readings in a field or literary figure to be selected by the student in consultation with the instructor. Available only to advanced students of German when students cannot take regularly scheduled courses.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.

GERMAN 499 Senior Seminar (Capstone) Credits: 3

Required for major. Covers seminal works of German literature in their historical and cultural context. Course content varies, but will include such elements as geography, politics, folklore, history of the language, architecture, art and music.

Prerequisites: GERMAN 221.