Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Design evidence-based educational programs and materials with appropriate scope, sequence, and focus for learners.
  • Deliver curricula using educational theories, effective teaching methods, and technologies in large group, small group and clinical settings.
  • Effectively use assessment tools to reflect student progress and to promote student learning.
  • Identify, interpret, and apply research to inform work as a health professions educator.
  • Develop tools and processes to evaluate curricula, policies, and program effectiveness, as well as implement effective innovations.
  • Contribute to excellence in health professions education and advancement of the health professions education community.

Program Overview

The Graduate Certificate in Health Professions Education provides an educational research foundation for teaching and assessment in health professions education. The certificate, which includes six courses (18 credit hours), consists of primarily online courses with synchronous meetings 3 to 5 times per course.

Plan of Study

HPRE 5530Current Issues in Health Professions Education3
HPRE 5550Assessment in Health Professions Education3
HPRE 5508Principles and Methods of Research3
HPRE 5560Teaching in Health Professions Education3
HPRE 5522Curriculum Design in Health Professions Education3
HPRE 5580Program Evaluation in Health Professions Education3

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