Master of Laws - Business and Entrepreneurial Law

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Lawyering Skills. All LL.M. in Lawyering students will acquire or improve the following legal skills: the ability to read and analyze legal texts, including cases; the ability to conduct legal research on U.S. law sources; the ability to spot legal issues raised by typical legal problems; the ability to apply the law to factual scenarios; the ability to analyze legal issues and predict likely judicial outcomes; the ability to communicate legal analysis clearly in writing and orally; the ability to interview witnesses and clients; the ability to counsel clients with legal analysis and legal options; the ability negotiate a legal issue or problem with an adversary; the ability to make persuasive arguments based on the combination of law and facts.
  • Legal English. For those students who were trained in law outside of the U.S. or another English-speaking, common law country, they will develop a working knowledge of key legal English terms used in law practice in the United States.
  • Knowledge of U.S. Law. Students in the LL.M. in Lawyering program will learn or deepen their understanding of U.S. law generally and in particular sub-areas of U.S. law in one of the emphasis areas or such other area or combination of areas selected by the student with the approval of the academic advisor.

Below is a partial list of courses that would support the emphasis area identified. Course schedules change on an annual basis, so all courses listed below may not be available in a particular year. The LL.M. student’s academic advisor may approve additional courses not listed as counting towards an emphasis area. One course, Global Legal Systems, is listed for each emphasis area because students write papers to compare US law to the law of other countries, and that course can count towards an emphasis area if the paper topic supports the emphasis and is approved by the academic advisor. In addition to the course requirements, each student must complete an internship approved in advance by the academic advisor to qualify for this emphasis area.

LAW 8643FAdvanced Legal Research: Foreign, Comparative and International Law1
LAW 8707BAdvanced Legal Writing: Business Contract Drafting3
LAW 8605Antitrust And Fair Competition Law2-3
LAW 8797Business Torts and Unfair Competition2-3
LAW 8501Contracts I3
LAW 8502Contracts II3
LAW 8721Commercial Transactions3
LAW 8725EEnergy Law3
LAW 8757REntrepreneurial Law & Practice Clinic2
LAW 8754International Business Transactions2-3
LAW 8918International Commercial Arbitration1
LAW 8837Negotiating Mergers And Acquisitions2-3
LAW 8758SSecurities Regulation2-3
LAW 8720Secured Transactions3
LAW 8601LTransactional Lawyering Skills Lab1
LAW 8743Global Legal Systems (with appropriate topic for paper)1-3