CPCE 230 Effective Interpersonal Communication Credits: 3

Theory, and research on interpersonal relationships; students will learn effective communication skills, including understanding verbal and nonverbal behavior, listening, and empathy.

CPCE 400 Intro to Counseling Psychology Credits: 3

This course will provide an overview of the profession of counseling psychology. Presentations and assignments with the origins and history of counseling psychology, research and intervention strategies used by counseling psychologists, and current trends in the field. It is important to note that although counseling strategies will be reviewed, this course will not focus on developing or practicing counseling skills.

Prerequisites: 6 hours in psychology, including PSYCH 210, or be advanced students in Education.

CPCE 425 Positive Psychology Credits: 3

Introduction to current theory and empirical research in positive psychology. Topics explored include happiness, self-esteem, empathy, friendship, optimism, love, achievement, strengths, mindfulness, spirituality, and hope.