Graduate Course Audit

A student must be admitted to the university and obtain the consent of the instructor in order to audit a graduate course. Courses that ordinarily may not be audited are studio courses, performance courses, continuing education courses, laboratory courses in the sciences, internships, and practica. Students do not receive credit when auditing a course, and audited courses do not count toward enrollment status requirements (full-time, half-time).

A student registered in a course for audit is expected to attend class and to pay full tuition and fees. No feedback will be given by the instructor to the auditor.  An auditor may be administratively withdrawn from a course at any time during the semester when, in the judgement of the instructor and upon approval by the dean, the attendance or participation record justifies such action.

Change from Audit to Credit

Graduate students may change status in a course from audit to credit during the first week of the term, provided they have the approval of the faculty advisor and have notified the course instructor.

Change from Credit to Audit

Graduate students may change status in a course from credit to audit any time prior to the final examination period, provided they have the consent of the course instructor and the approval of the faculty advisor. [Note: Individual academic units may have earlier deadlines and may have program-specific restrictions on retaking audited courses for credit.]