Graduate Program of Study

Graduate education is intended to answer the personal needs of students and the special needs of society not satisfied through undergraduate training. Graduate degrees indicate that the holders have sufficiently mastered a program in a particular field to pursue creative projects in that specialty. The degrees are awarded for completion of a coherent program -- formalized as the program or plan of study -- designed to assure the mastery of specified knowledge and skills. Forms for specifying individual programs or plans of study are available from the principal graduate advisor or graduate officer of the academic unit, with final approval by the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Students may elect to fulfill either the degree requirements in effect at the time of their original admission (provided there has not been a lapse in attendance at UMKC of more than two consecutive terms) or the degree requirements in effect at the time of advisement into a planned graduate program of study.

No course at the 300- or 400-level taken on a credit/no credit basis; no 300- or 400-level course with a grade below B- (2.7); and no 5000-level or higher course with a grade below C (2.0), will count toward any advanced degree program. 

Students admitted to the combined J.D./MBA program must receive grades of B or better in 80 percent of Bloch School courses. Because of different grading standards, the transferred law hours are not included in the 80 percent calculation.

Degree programs may have requirements which are more stringent. If so, the program requirement takes precedence over the campus minimums. Final GPA at the time the degree is conferred (graduate certificates, masters and PhD degrees) must be 3.0 or higher for all courses in the graduate career.  Exceptions to this policy require a petition signed by the student's advisor and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

Doctoral Programs of Study

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Master's Degree Program of Study

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