Marketing (MKT)


MKT 5504 Marketing Management Credits: 3

The course presents concepts of marketing, describes marketing strategy, and defines marketing tactics. Marketing law, fiduciary responsibilities, and marketing ethics for executives impacted by marketing success are identified. The goal is to present a strategic and integrative perspective of marketing in the contemporary digital, global and competitive marketing environment. The integration between an organization's objectives, capabilities, resources and marketplace needs and opportunities is described. Examples of major topics to be covered are marketing philosophies and their corresponding strategies, technology-driven customer relationship management, branding and brand equity, services marketing, product positioning, distribution and pricing strategies, and implementation of marketing tactics in.

Prerequisites: Students must be enrolled in a Bloch School graduate program.

MKT 5520 Sales and Business Development Credits: 3

This course will review behaviors in business, and concepts to an understanding of decision making, sales acumen, sales strategies. Special emphasis is placed on application of these concepts, by the student to adapt to a simulated sales environment. Also, this course will define sales from a holistic view. Each student will increase their knowledge and ability to adapt to, as well as implement sales methodologies during favorable and unfavorable conditions through the self-evaluation and class participation. This class will teach students to stretch beyond their natural sales style to more effectively adapt to their customers. Recommended Preparation: MKT 5504.

MKT 5539 Social and Mobile Marketing Credits: 3

The course builds around Database Marketing principles, whether supporting marketing at a distance without requiring a physical wholesale or retail intermediary; or supporting physical retail. Social and Mobile media principles, on-line measurement, digital marketing strategy, and tactics by on-line platform are discussed across a variety of media and devices. Students must demonstrate competence in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and on-line analytics. Students learn to calculate Lifetime Value, Break-Even, P&L on a Campaign, and Payback period using industry accepted methodologies.

Prerequisites: MKT 5504.

MKT 5555 International Marketing Credits: 3

This course focuses on marketing problems confronting international business managers and the ways they may be analyzed and resolved. The course content includes concepts and techniques useful in international marketing; effects of national differences on marketing practices; organization for international marketing; and strategy formulation for international markets.

Prerequisites: MKT 5504.

MKT 5560 Customer Insights and Communication Strategy Credits: 3

A review of behavioral science concepts and related academic research to help understand customer behaviors and communications targeted to them. Special emphasis is placed on applications of these concepts to problems related to strategies of product, pricing, promotion, and place or distribution.

Prerequisites: MKT 5504.

MKT 5562 Marketing Research and Analytics Credits: 3

This course is designed to systematically introduce you to the most commonly used analytical tools/techniques for managerial decision-making pertaining to marketing such as new market entry, new product development, product positioning, promotion, and pricing. The course emphasizes analysis of data pertaining to individual and aggregate customer behavior, preferences, and perceptions using designated software.

Prerequisites: MKT 5504 and MIS 5507.

MKT 5565 Marketing Management Credits: 2

Marketing management examines the role of marketing in driving profitable revenue growth in companies. The focus is placed on tools and approaches to analyzing and understanding customer needs- including the roles of market research and brand equity- and the development of integrated marketing plans to deliver to those needs.

Prerequisites: Admission to Executive MBA Program.

MKT 5566 Predictive Analytics Using R Credits: 3

This course is designed to systematically introduce both business and non-business majors to the most commonly used models for predictive analytics. The course emphasizes models for analyzing customer data that aid managerial decision making in a variety of business settings. Students will be taught concepts pertaining to linear regressions, discrete choice models, classification models, and segmentation models together with hands-on training in R programming language.

Prerequisites: MKT 5504 and MIS 5507.

MKT 5587 Special Topics Credits: 3

Special topics in marketing.

MKT 5595 Internship Credits: 1-3

An opportunity for students to integrate their academic studies via employment with a business/organization in the community.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent required.

MKT 5597 Independent Study Credits: 1-6

Independent study and research in areas of special interest under individual faculty direction.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent required.

MKT 5899 Required Graduate Enrollment Credit: 1