Graduate Certificate: Engineering and Construction Project Management

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Manage engineering and construction projects using best practices established by the Project Management Institute
  • Demonstrate a working legal vocabulary and basic understanding of law as applied to engineering and the engineer in project work, specifically an understanding of “professional standard of care.”
  • Articulate project planning/monitoring processes and use project management tools to reach predetermined objectives of scope, budget, and schedule

Program Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Engineering and Construction Project Management is a 12 hour program offered through the School of Science and Engineering.  Engineering and construction companies are increasingly requiring project management skills for those who hold technical degrees to successfully complete projects and to be promoted in their organizations.  The Graduate Certificate program is designed to meet this need and enable students holding a Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate discipline to learn higher-level project management skills that are critical to the successful planning and completion of projects across the spectrum of engineering, construction, and related disciplines.  The Graduate is intended for post-Baccalaureate professionals working in the Kansas City area in mid- and upper-level engineering, construction, and management positions.  The Certificate requires a minimum of 12 credit hours at the 5000-level or above.  Students must maintain 3.0 graduate GPA while enrolled.  Upon completion, up to 12 hours of Civil Engineering Certificate courses may be applicable to the MS in Civil Engineering.

Core classes (Required): 6 credit hours

CIV-ENGR 5567Introduction to Construction Management3
CIV-ENGR 5547Legal Topics for Engineers3
or CIV-ENGR 5563 Construction Law

Approved electives (Choose two): 6 credit hours

CIV-ENGR 5569Construction Methods and Equipment3
CIV-ENGR 5568Construction Planning and Scheduling3
CIV-ENGR 5504Project Management of Integrated Design and Construction3
CIV-ENGR 5506Construction Project Risk Management3
CIV-ENGR 5549Environmental Compliance, Auditing, & Permitting3