Student Learning Outcomes

  1. To present two high-level public solo recitals that are correct technically and artistically convincing.
  2. To demonstrate an understanding of (and be able to communicate about) the historical and analytical components of music.
  3. To reflect on and apply the broader dimensions of their own musical experience.
  4. To demonstrate the ability to research an original topic and present their findings in written and oral forms. 

Required Courses

CONSVTY 5500-5600Music History 3
CONSVTY 5500-5600Music Theory 3
CONSVTY 5593Introduction To Research And Bibliography In Music3
CONSVTY 5569Graduate Piano Literature Seminar2
Take two semesters of the following course:8
Graduate Piano - Masters Performance 1,2
Take two semesters of the following course:8
Master's Recital 2,3
Choose one of the following courses:
CONSVTY 5591EGroup Piano Pedagogy3
CONSVTY 5592EAdvanced Piano Pedagogy3
Take two semesters of the following course:2
Principles Of Chamber Music
Total Credits: 32

A minimum of one semester of applied music (5501) is required before the first recital. PIANO 5501 or CONSVTY 5597 is required each semester of enrollment until the recital requirement is met.


Concurrent enrollment in PIANO 300 is required for each semester of enrollment in PIANO 5501 and CONSVTY 5597.


Piano students are required to present two public recitals.