Minor: Professional Communication

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Compose and deliver a message that is well-suited to the audience, goal, and context.
  • Lead and contribute to group projects involving diverse audiences that may include a combination of peers, superiors, subordinates, clients, and/or other stakeholders.
  • Evaluate communication effectiveness based on goal and context.
  • Apply communication theory to professional settings.
Foundational Courses
COMM-ST 110Fundamentals of Effective Speaking and Listening3
COMM-ST 277Interpersonal Communication3
COMM-ST 344Organizational Communication3
Electives (select 9 hours of the following):9
Introduction to Journalism
Advanced Public Speaking
Persuasive Communication
Rhetorical Theory And Criticism
Group Dynamics
The Art of the Interview
Fundamentals Of Writing For The Media
Strategic Communication Research
Special Studies
Colloquium In Interpersonal Dynamics
Applications of Interpersonal Communication Theory
Principles Of Advertising
Interactive and Social Media Advertising
Principles Of Public Relations
Total Credits18