Electronic Grade Change Policy

Electronic grade changes can be completed by the instructor of record or by the Chair of the Department or the Dean of the Academic Unit via the online student information system.  The deadline to initiate an electronic grade change must occur within one calendar year after a term has ended. 

The following dates are applicable to all calendar year semester grade changes:

  • May 31 for the previous Spring Semester
  • July 31 for the previous Summer Semester
  • December 31 for the previous Fall Semester

Approved reason codes must be used for all electronic grade changes.

Electronic grade changes cannot be submitted for the following types of changes.  These require the use of a hard copy Grade or Course Change form for Past Terms.

  • Changing the credits associated with a course
  • Changing the grading basis associated with a course
  • Student has graduated
  • Retroactively adding, deleting, or swapping a course

Electronic grade change reports will be available to run on demand by each Academic Unit to notify Deans and Department Chairs when grades have been changed on a student’s record.  The Registrar will send a grade change report at the end of every semester to capture all grade changes that have been submitted online.

Grade changes requested after one year will require a written appeal by the instructor and a signature from the Dean.  The Registrar will review the grade change request and work with the Provost’s office to determine the acceptance of the instructor grade appeal.