Graduate Certificate: Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • interpret primary documents and artifacts of the medieval and early modern world.
  • apply theories and methodologies used in the various disciplines that contribute to medieval and early modern studies.
  • communicate results of original research effectively in expository prose, oral presentations, or electronic media.

Graduate Certificate in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS)

The Graduate Certificate in Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MEMS) offers students an interdisciplinary opportunity to focus their studies in early literatures, history, and culture. The certificate not only benefits graduate students pursuing MA,  MFA, and Interdisciplinary Ph.D. degrees in traditional fields, such as Art History, English, History, and Theatre but also provides an opportunity for education professionals to pursue further study in the pre-modern period as professional development and enhancement.

Required Courses
ENGLISH 5564/HISTORY 5583GRPaleography3
Capstone Experience or Thesis 13
Four three-hour graduate medieval or early modern courses 212
Total Credits18

Strongly recommended: Two Years College-level Proficiency in Latin

Admission Process

Applicants must be admitted to UMKC’s School of Graduate Studies to complete the certificate as a stand-alone degree. Matriculated graduate students in any discipline may submit a request for admission directly to the program director.


Dr. Virginia Blanton, Department of English  

List of Courses for the Graduate Certificate in Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Courses in Medieval and Early Modern Studies are found primarily in the departments of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, but there is also an opportunity to collaborate with faculty members at the Conservatory. The courses that would fulfill the requirements of the graduate certificate include graduate colloquia focusing on the pre-modern period, undergraduate/graduate hybrid courses (at the 300-400 level for undergrads and 5500 for graduates), special topics courses, directed readings courses with affiliated faculty, and independent studies courses with affiliated faculty. Courses appropriate to the program will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

ART-HIST 5501Scope and Methods of Art History3
ART-HIST 5540Seminar in French Art: Renaissance and Baroque3
ART-HIST 5541Seminar in Northern Baroque Art: The Age of Rubens, Rembrandt, and Wren3
ART-HIST 5547Seminar in Italian Baroque Art: The Age of Caravaggio, Bernini, and Borromini3
ART-HIST 5570Seminar In Renaissance Art3
ART-HIST 5575Seminar In Baroque Art3
ART-HIST 5579From the Parthenon to the Altar of Peace3
ENGLISH 5477CSClassical Studies3
ENGLISH 5477MSMedieval Studies3
ENGLISH 5477EMEarly Modern Studies3
ENGLISH 5477ES18th-Century Studies3
ENGLISH 5503Old English3
ENGLISH 5533Histories Of Writing, Reading, And Publishing3
ENGLISH 5550Graduate Seminar (where appropriate)3
or ENGLISH 5555 Graduate Seminar
ENGLISH 5550AGraduate Seminar Medieval Literature I3
ENGLISH 5550BGraduate Seminar Renaissance Literature I3
ENGLISH 5550CGraduate Seminar Neo-Classical Literature I3
ENGLISH 5550JGraduate Seminar: History Of The English Language3
ENGLISH 5555AGraduate Seminar Medieval Literature II3
ENGLISH 5555BGraduate Seminar Renaissance Literature II3
ENGLISH 5555CGraduate Seminar Neo-Classical Literature I3
ENGLISH 5564/HISTORY 5583GRPaleography3
ENGLISH 5566CF/FRENCH 5500CFCourts And Culture In The Middle Ages3
FRENCH 5577MEFrench & Francophone Literature & Culture: Medieval to Enlightenment3
FRENCH 5577LCThemes in French and Francophone Literature & Culture3
HISTORY 5502Colonial North America, 1492-17633
HISTORY 5503The American Revolution, 1763-17893
HISTORY 5506A/RELIG-ST 5506History of Christianity to Middle Ages3
HISTORY 5507A/RELIG-ST 5507The History of Christianity from the Middle Ages to the Present3
HISTORY 5512Medieval Civilization II3
HISTORY 5533History of Britain 1603-18323
HISTORY 5545The Ottoman Empire in the Middle East to WWI3
HISTORY 5572RAncient Rome3
HISTORY 5569Women in Early America3
HISTORY 5574Late Antiquity: The Transformation of the Mediterranean World (200-600 AD)3
HISTORY 5584RColloquium In European History I3
HISTORY 5591Archival Methods3
HISTORY 5511Medieval Civilization I3
HISTORY 5512Medieval Civilization II3
HISTORY 5512AWomen and Gender in the Middle Ages3
HISTORY 5512BThe Black Death And Late Medieval Society3
HISTORY 5513Renaissance3
HISTORY 5514Reformation3
HISTORY 5515B17Th And 18Th Century European History3
HISTORY 5525REuropean Criminal Justice History, 500-19003
HISTORY 5526RThe Scientific Revolution 1500-17003
HISTORY 5531History of the British Isles, ca. 500 to 15003
HISTORY 5532Tudor England, 1485-16033
HISTORY 5544Islam & the Arabs: The Formative Period3
HISTORY 5576RMedieval Jewish History3
RELIG-ST 5502Religion & Colonialism in Latin America3
SPANISH 5516Medieval Spanish Literature3
SPANISH 5519Federico Garcia Lorca3
SPANISH 5527Pre-Columbian and Spanish Colonial Literature3
SPANISH 5533Cervantes' Exemplary Novels3
SPANISH 5534The Picaresque Novel3
THEATRE 5512RHistory Of The English Stage I3
CONSVTY 5547Opera History3
CONSVTY 5554Music of the Medieval Era3
CONSVTY 5555Music Of The Renaissance3
CONSVTY 5556Music of the Baroque Era3
CONSVTY 5557Music of the Classical Era3