Combined Degree Options (Multiple Major & Dual Degrees)

Undergraduate (two or more)

Multiple (double or triple) majors may be earned when a student completes two or more full majors, generally within the 120 hours required for a single degree. The specific major requirements of each major must be fulfilled. The diploma will indicate all majors. If the two or more degree programs are administered by different academic units, the major requirements of each academic program must be fulfilled. The general education requirements must be fulfilled as specified by the department or academic unit responsible for the primary major only. The double or multiple major is only available in BA-BA or BS-BS combinations.

Multiple undergraduate degrees may be earned when a student completes all requirements for each degree and at least 12 credit hours of work beyond that required for the first degree for each additional degree. Students who earn multiple degrees will receive diplomas simultaneously. If the degree programs are administered by different academic units, the general degree requirements and major requirements of all academic units must be completed.

Graduate (two or more)

Dual-degree programs allow students to simultaneously pursue degrees at the master's level in two fields of study or a Bachelor’s plus either a Master’s or Graduate degree. For dual Masters degrees, students must complete at least 80 percent (rounded up) of the credit hours required for each degree separately. Students must satisfy admission, course and examination requirements of both degree programs.

Undergraduate + Graduate

For dual Bachelors plus Master’s or Graduate Certificate programs, a maximum of 9 credit hours from the Bachelor’s degree program may be applied toward the Master’s degree, depending on what the department or home degree program has approved.  The hours and grades earned on these credits will be applied toward the Bachelor’s degree.  The number of dual hours will also be credited toward the total hours needed for the Master’s degree without the grades being computed into the GPA.

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School of Education, Social Work & Psychological Sciences

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Science and Engineering

Undergraduate + Professional

A maximum of 30 acceptable semester hours (2.0 GPA or better) of study in professional schools may be applied toward the bachelor's degree. Acceptable professional schools for this purpose are law and medicine. This credit is elective credit and does not satisfy any specific degree requirement.