Graduate Continuous Enrollment Policy

Graduate Continuous Enrollment Requirement

After completing all courses included in the planned programs or plans of study for degrees, all degree-seeking graduate students must remain continuously enrolled in each regular semester up to and including the semester in which their degrees are awarded. This requirement applies also to the summer term for students whose degrees are being awarded at the end of a summer term. This continuous enrollment must be for a minimum of one-hour credit in research and thesis, research and dissertation, or other work designated by the department or school. Interruption of continuous registration due to failure to comply with this requirement will result in the need for readmission under requirements then in effect. Academic units may require retroactive enrollment as a condition of readmission.

Continuous Graduate Enrollment (5899)

Courses designated as 5899, Continuous Graduate Enrollment, are charged at the rate established for one credit hour. Registration, by mail or in person, must be completed by the end of the first week of a regular semester or of a summer session. Students may obtain a reference number for 5899 from the Registration and Records office.

Graduate students in good standing who have not enrolled for only one semester may re-enroll without applying for readmission. Students who attend other schools in the interim must submit transcripts of such work from each institution attended. Graduate students are considered inactive after a lapse of two or more regular semesters of enrollment. Subsequently, inactive graduate students who want to continue must follow the same admission procedures as those required for new applicants. After a lapse of three or more terms, graduate students will re-enter under requirements in effect at the time of readmission.