Policies on Regular Admission - Medicine


The School of Medicine's Council on Selection carefully reviews applicants to the six-year combined baccalaureate/M.D. program. Academic potential, as evidenced by the quality of high school courses, rank in class and admission test scores, and personal qualities such as leadership in school or community, stamina, reliability, motivation for medicine and range of interests, are considered. Applicants who appear to be well qualified are invited to the UMKC campus for interviews. If invited, the applicants are notified in writing and required to be present at the scheduled date and time of the interviews. Residency in Missouri will be considered before all other factors in selecting students for this program. (See the School of Medicine section of the catalog for complete details.)

Admissions Test - Medical Program

The American College Testing Program, called the ACT, examination is required for all in-state applicants. The Scholastic Aptitude Test, called the SAT, is accepted for out-of-state applicants in some instances.

Deadline for Application - Medical Program

The deadline for application for Year 1 is Nov. 1 of the year preceding the one for which the student is applying. By this date, a completed application form must be received, and all other required credentials, application supplements, test scores, references and six-semester high school transcript, should be in process and sent as soon as possible. The earliest date for applying is Aug. 1 of the year preceding entry.