Doctor of Musical Arts: Music Composition

Student Learning Outcomes

Students graduating from this program will:

  • Students will clearly articulate their musical voice as creative artists, and their skills as collaborators with performers and generative artists.
  • Students will demonstrate their mastery of technical skills in music composition, analysis, and of style, genre and media.
  • Students will develop their skills as artists, collaborators, and speakers, to promote their work.
  • Students will build their careers as composers and academics through arts advocacy, mentoring and/or teaching.

Required Courses

Take the following course 3 times:9
Advanced Composition
CONSVTY 5533Advanced Composition3
or CONSVTY 5534 Advanced Electronic Music Composition
CONSVTY 5699Dissertation Research 16
CONSVTY 5512Career Paths in Composition3
Conservatory 5500-5600Music History (three courses) 29
Conservatory 5500-5600Music Theory (three courses)9
CONSVTY 5593Introduction To Research And Bibliography In Music3
or CONSVTY 5593N Introduction to Research and Bibliography in Music
Electives 9
Total Credits51