Management (MGT)


MGT 5503 Fundamentals of Leadership Credits: 2

The leadership residency engages students in the fundamentals of business and effective leadership practice during a one-week immersive experience. Using a business simulation, students learn the fundamentals of collaborative teamwork and basic concepts in the program's leadership curriculum. Additionally, the simulation introduces students to the core management areas of financial management and decision making, providing an overview of management strategy rooted in financial modeling and analysis.

Prerequisites: Admission to Executive MBA Program.

MGT 5512 Leading and Managing People, Teams and Organizations Credits: 3

Leading and Managing People, Teams and Organizations focuses on how aspiring leaders can enhance their effectiveness by addressing the human side of enterprise. It combines an exploration of key leadership tasks (e.g. shaping vision and purpose, engaging and influencing others, and sustaining momentum) with the study of essential human resources practices including hiring, developing, motivating, and creating a positive, rewarding workplace. Students will leave with concrete tools for understanding the organizational context, managing human capital, and bringing the best out of talented people.

Prerequisites: Students must be enrolled in a Bloch School graduate program.

MGT 5514 Strategic Management in the Globalized World Credits: 3

As the world has become increasingly integrated through globalization, today’s business leaders must possess an awareness of global business environments and ability to navigate them. The aim of this course is to provide a broad introduction of the international business environment and strategic management concepts, and how a firm can gain competitive advantages. Upon completion of this course, students will possess an ability to recognize the opportunities and challenges and formulate strategies in the globalized business environment.

Prerequisites: FIN 5509 or concurrent enrollment; DSOM 5511 and MKT 5504.

MGT 5516 Leading Teams Credits: 3

This course is designed to enhance the student's understanding of designing, forming, developing, leading, and evaluating high-performing teams in traditional and virtual organizations. In-class projects will facilitate students' assessment and application of their own talents to the arts of member selection, coaching, and trust building to engage team members in productive and ethical group processes to achieve successful outcomes. Cases will be used to diagnose and potentially solve team difficulties considering intra-team, organizational, and extra-organizational factors.

Prerequisites: MGT 5512 or MGT 5502 or MGT 5507 or PUB-ADM 5548.

MGT 5517 Leading Through Influence and Persuasion Credits: 3

Leading Through Influence and Persuasion focuses on leadership, power, and influence in organizations. It challenges students to think about power dynamics in organizations and the array of influence approaches leaders develop and use to build support for their ideas and strategies. The course engages students in critical thinking about business scenarios that require a variety of leader influence strategies beyond traditional ‘command and control’ approaches. Through exploration of concepts such as mapping the terrain, building social capital, and managing across, students develop a toolkit of ethical strategies for enhancing their organizational credibility and influence. The course is designed to challenge students conceptually through readings, discussions, and quizzes, and to challenge at the level of self-awareness and action through teamwork, reflective activities, role plays, and case studies.

Prerequisites: MGT 5512 or PUB-ADM 5548.

MGT 5518 Leadership & Motivation Credits: 3

The course explores leadership as a relationship between leaders and those they are leading that enables people to work together in the service of shared goals. The course focuses on five basic tasks of leadership: (1) diagnosis-understanding what's happening; (2) shaping purpose and values; (3) enlisting and engaging people (including coaching, building high-performance cultures, motivating and inspiring); (4) sustaining momentum; (5) reflection and assessment.

Prerequisites: MGT 5512 or MGT 5502 or MGT 5507 or PUB-ADM 5548.

MGT 5519 Conflict Management and Negotiation Strategies Credits: 3

This course explores the nature of successfully managing conflict in organizational settings, as well as the skills needed to be an effective negotiator. In this course, students will learn the difference between functional and dysfunctional conflict, how to stimulate functional conflict, various styles for managing conflict, ways to identify the desired outcomes of conflict, how to prepare for negotiations, various dispute resolution techniques, and the characteristics of effective negotiators. The course uses a variety of tools - readings, case studies, videos, and guest speakers - to engage students in real business scenarios related to managing conflict and negotiation strategies.

Prerequisites: MGT 5512 or PUB-ADM 5548.

MGT 5523 Negotiation, Conflict Management, and Influence Skills Credits: 2

Opportunities for negotiation, conflict management, and influence are everywhere. Effective negotiators use analytical skills, interpersonal sensitivity, and communication acumen to resolve conflicts, influence others, and reach agreements that serve their interests and preserve or enhance their reputations. Students will develop deep familiarity with fundamental negotiation concepts such as BATNA, reservation price, interests, and distributive and integrative negotiation. Students will also develop their practical knowledge and skills from pre-negotiation planning to post-negotiation evaluation through intensive experiential simulations with peer review and rapid feedback, personal journals, and coaching

Prerequisites: Admission to Executive MBA Program.

MGT 5531 Leadership, Strategy and Human Resources Credits: 2

Focuses on the leader as a catalyst in developing high-performance, market-based cultures and as a human resource strategist in marshaling the workforce. Geared to the general manager, the course presents ideas and tools for building, bonding, and linking the workforce to accomplish the organization's mission. Topics include ideas and tools for identifying, recruiting, and retaining talent; developing and coaching subordinates; appraising and rewarding performance; and delegating to balance control and risk.

Prerequisites: Admission to Executive MBA program.

MGT 5533 Leading and Managing Change Credits: 3

This course provides students with analytical skills and insights to more effectively manage and lead change, especially within those organizations characterized by complexity and/or uncertainty. Using a variety of vehicles-including case studies, articles, and speakers-the course engages students in timely, real change scenarios and associated management challenges, such as adaptation in changing markets; turnarounds in troubled businesses; integrative change in acquisitions, and process change in stable businesses.

Prerequisites: MGT 5512 or MGT 5502 or MGT 5507 or PUB-ADM 5548.

MGT 5538 Strategic Management Residency Credits: 3

Strategic Management sets the tone for year 2 of the Executive MBA. Students study the formulation and evaluation of strategy, including industry analysis, strategic positioning, and the boundaries of the firm. Students address the capacity of executive leadership to create and communicate a clear direction for a company's future. Additional focus areas include competition and innovation.

Prerequisites: Admission to the Executive MBA Program. Completion of Semester 1 and Semester 2 of the Executive MBA program.

MGT 5545 International Management Credits: 3

Examination of the management of contemporary international business organizations through a study of the political, economic, social and technological factors and their relationship and impact upon the administrative activities and strategies of the international firm.

MGT 5546 Seminar in International Management Credits: 3

This course focuses on the issues that business organizations face in a global economy. The instructor will introduce global strategic decisions via case studies.

Prerequisites: MGT 5545.

MGT 5547 Global Initiatives in Management Credits: 3

Global Initiatives in Management examines the complexity of management across national boundaries. The course explores the interrelationship and impact of political, economic, social, and technological factors when formulating and executing strategy internationally.

Prerequisites: Admission to the Executive MBA program

MGT 5552 International Study in Business Credits: 3

This course is designed to provide a study-abroad experience for the student. The course involves three components: study of international business through on-campus lectures and discussions; travel to a foreign country for visitations to business firms, government organizations, and cultural sites; and critique sessions of the international learning experience after travel completion.

Prerequisites: special application and selection process.

MGT 5557 Leadership And Organizations Credits: 3

Leadership and Organizations provides tools and tactics for assessing organizations’ needs and constraints through multiple lenses, and assessing one's own leadership strengths and weaknesses for development and alignment with organization needs. Additionally, students will be introduced to a framework for ethical decision making, and how ethics is important to the strategic outcomes of an organization.

Prerequisites: Admission to Executive MBA Program.

MGT 5566 Attracting, Retaining, and Developing Human Capital Credits: 3

This course presents theoretical frameworks and practical applications for determining optimal person-organization fit and person-job fit within organizations. Emphasis will be placed on integrating recruitment, selection, retention, and training and development strategies and practices with overall business strategies. The importance of strategically planning and implementing staffing and development processes will be addressed as critical contributors to organizational effectiveness and sustainability. Recommended preparation: MGT 5512 or MGT 5502 or MGT 5507 or PUB-ADM 5548.

MGT 5567 Total Rewards Management Credits: 3

Total Rewards Management presents both theory and practice for designing effective rewards systems within organizations. The development of base pay and incentives and how they can be linked to performance will be covered. Characteristics of the work environment, such as recognition and development opportunities will also be considered in terms of their contribution to the total reward system. Recommended preparation: MGT 5512 or MGT 5502 or MGT 5507 or PUB-ADM 5548.

MGT 5568 Talent Management Credits: 2

Attraction, retention, motivation, and management of the organization’s human resources is critical in our knowledge-based economy. This course will address strategic issues around sourcing, acquiring, motivation, retaining, and managing workers in domestic and global enterprises from a variety of industries.

Prerequisites: Admission to Executive MBA program.

MGT 5569 Leadership Accountability and the Legal Implications Credits: 2

Highlights the accountability of leaders and the challenges they face in the rapidly changing business environment. The course studies the political, social, ethical, and global environment in which American business organizations operate and the impact on today's leaders. Topics include creating and maintaining affiliate relationships and joint ventures, as well as prohibitions in anti-competitive behavior, protection of intellectual property, operating within a regulated environment, and securities law.

Prerequisites: Admission to Executive MBA Program.

MGT 5570 MBA Capstone-Global Management Consultancy Credits: 3

An integrative global management consulting experience for a real world organization that applies analytical skills in the areas of finance, marketing, information systems, supply chain management, human resources, leadership, innovation, international, and strategy. Course deliverables include written and oral reports for the client organization. The course requires travel to visit client organization's operations.

Prerequisites: MBA students must have completed all required core courses AND be in the last year of their program. MSA, MPA, MSF, MSERE, or MSGE program students may enroll with consent of instructor. Special application and selection process.

MGT 5571 Influence, Persuasion and Change Credits: 2

Presents ideas, strategies, and tools for leading change in complex organizations. This course challenges students to think about the execution of change strategies through assessment or organizational power dynamics and appropriate influence styles for achieving results. Emphasis is placed on analyzing these attributes and skills most critical for building influence, especially in change initiatives, and on defining an ethical approach to leading, influencing, and persuading others.

Prerequisites: Admission to the Executive MBA program.

MGT 5572 MBA Capstone-The Capstone Consulting Project Credits: 3

An integrative management consulting experience for a real world organization that requires application of conceptual models and analytical skills in multiple disciplines including areas such as finance, marketing, information systems, supply chain management, human resources, leadership innovation, international, and strategy. Course deliverables include written and oral reports for the client organization. The course requires interaction with senior managers in the client organization with anticipation of in-person or virtual visits to the firm.

Prerequisites: MBA students must have completed all required core courses AND be in the last year of their program. MSA, MPA, MSF, MSERE, or MSGE program students may enroll with consent of instructor.

MGT 5581 Current Issues in Management with Technology Credits: 2

Technology is being incorporated in all aspects of management. The current issues course explores the strategic deployment of technology in operational areas like supply chain, marketing, human resources and accounting. Students are exposed to technology as a strategic tool to be incorporated in core management functions.

Prerequisites: Admission to EMBA program.

MGT 5585 Integrated Business Strategies (Capstone) Credits: 2

Integrates the disciplines of business to help the student develop a comprehensive understanding of business planning and strategy. Students will use cases and simulation to plan and test alternative business strategies in a competitive environment. The course examines the critical factors involved in strategic decision making.

Prerequisites: Admission to the MBA Program.

MGT 5587 Special Topics Credits: 3

The study of a contemporary management topic of interest.

MGT 5595 Internship Credits: 1-3

An opportunity for students to integrate their academics studies via employment with a business/organization in the community.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent required.

MGT 5597 Independent Study Credits: 1-6

Independent study and research in areas of special interest under individual faculty direction.

Prerequisites: Departmental consent required.

MGT 5899 Required Graduate Enrollment Credit: 1